Wireless Charging for All Mobile Phones

May 19, 2018
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Charging any mobile device with traditional phone cords can be a hassle and inconvenient for various reasons. From tangled cords to ones that often break and can no longer charge the device, cords are often regarded as old and inefficient in a wireless world. As a result, this article discusses the different solutions that can be used for those who wish to deviate from traditional phone charging cords to encompass a more wireless solution.

For phones that already have wireless charging enabled, it is extremely easy for those who wish to charge their device wirelessly as all that is required is to buy a wireless charging pad without any additional modifications. Given that so many wireless charging pads are available to be purchased online, the price can range from $10-$50 depending on the quality and brand of the charger. For example, the Samsung Qi Charger Pad is a device that lets users charge either their iOS or Android device by simply placing the phone onto the pad. At only $20, users can charge with more confidence as the cord would never break or become less efficient while the pad also has a light indicator to let the user know what percentage their phone battery is at. As a universal charging device that is able to accommodate any device that has wireless charging enabled, the Samsung Qi Charger Pad is a great tool for moving from a corded charging system to one that is wireless.

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy S6 Review

Beau HD takes a look at the official black sapphire wireless charging pad for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. For $50, the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad works with all Qi-certified devices. All you have to do is place your compatible phone on the charger pad and it will begin charging without ever needing to insert any type of charging cable into your device.

For devices that do not have wireless charging enabled because they are older models, users are able to modify the device in such a way that enables them to utilize a wireless charging pad as if it were a newer device. However, in order to do this, users need to purchase additional hardware for their device such as the Charger Receiver for Android devices or the Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Charger for iOS devices. With these receivers, users plug one end into their device while the other end is placed flat on the back side. The receivers are so thin that users would not be affected with the usability of the overall device as the physical profile is so thin. With this setup, users are then able to place their device on a wireless charging pad such as the Samsung Qi Charger Pad to charge the device without a cord. While the cost to enable wireless charging may be slightly higher for devices that do not enable for wireless charging by default, the long-run costs associated with replacing multiple cords does not surpass that of the receiver and pad, making it a more economical and convenient solution.

For those who are looking for wireless charging solutions that deviate from traditional charging cords, this article offers the different solutions available for the mobile device. Even for devices that do not have wireless charging built in, additional hardware solutions exist for converting the charging system to a wireless one which can help users increase the efficiency at which they charge their device and save money on broken cords over long-term usage.

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