WiFi finding apps for your iPhone

Jul 24, 2016

There’s a lot of WiFi finding apps out there. You might wonder which one is the best, most accurate, lists the most spots. Here’s what rocks or stinks about each of these.

WiFi Map (Free)

Finding free WiFi is all about the community who is gathering info around the World. This app has the largest community in App Store, so the chance is highest here that someone submitted a WiFi hotspot in your neighborhood. It has more than 2 million hotspots at the moment. How does this app work? When someone connects to a WiFi service and knows the password for that hotspot, the info is posted in the app. I am not sure that it is warmly welcomed by the owners of closed networks but clearly an outstanding tool for getting free internet practically anywhere in the World.


WiFi Finder Free (Free)

Like every other WiFi search app out there this one has it’s good points and it’s bad points. It will list a lot of local WiFi networks that are available, letting you choose free or paid from the list. The app has more than 2 million hotspots in its database from 50,000 cities. One good feature is that you can search hotspots around a typed-in address, not just around you. Not a bad app by any stretch but still not perfect.

WiFi Hotspots Map (Free)

I tend to test Wifi hotspots around either my house or work. Each location has a somewhat hidden free WiFi hotspot that all but the best apps will miss. By hidden I don’t mean hard to find, down some dark alley. No, no. One is on a major highway but it’s at a little corner grocery and likely something an app like this might miss. Sadly this app does indeed skip these locations. It does do a wonderful job of showing you a map with locations but with some hotspots missing. The 1 million hotspots in its database is still quite a lot but less than some of the competitors.

Free WiFi Finder (Free)

The app is quick and functional and I like the map overlay function much better than some of the other free WiFi apps who don’t show you stuff on a map, but in the end you’re likely going to miss a number of free WiFi hotspots with this app so don’t count on it to be complete. If you’re desperate and asking someone just won’t do give this a go but do know you might have better luck asking someone around you and more importantly, don’t plan your trips with this as you’ll be lacking in a decent chunk of information.

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