WiFi Analyzer: Achieving Network Security

Aug 10, 2016

The growing interconnectedness of everyday devices raises numerous questions regarding the stability of network security. As hacking is an occurrence that is regularly a news topic, the vulnerability of wireless access points are exemplified in mobile devices, computers, and even cars. While vast developments have been made to counter such malicious digital attacks, the majority of device users are left unprotected under the notion that a password is all that is required to keep their networks safe.

This approach has resulted in thousands of security breaches occurring daily to homes and businesses equivalently, costing millions in repairs and the loss of confidential information. However, one company aimed at countering susceptible networks is Home WiFi Alert with their introduction of WiFi Analyzer on the App Store to protect and optimize network connections, all completely free.

Democratizing internet security through the app, WiFi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert offers a Swiss Army knife style suite of tools designed for intuitive usage. Housing a multitude of features, the app protects and enhances internet access with single-tap buttons, making it both easy and quick to use.  Although WiFi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert does not contain as many features as the Android version, it nonetheless embodies the familiar look and key functionalities. Most notably, the “Network Scanning Function”, which is said to be the most unique and useful tool in the app, gives users total control over a specific network with options ranging from marking a connected device as either Trusted or Untrusted, Pinging, and even blocking that device, all done from within the app. This added layer of security ensures that only known and trusted devices are connected to one’s Wi-Fi for both speed and protection optimization. By deliberately avoiding the use of technical terms, WiFi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert is made so that even those who are not familiar with network settings and configuration are able to quickly grasp concepts and utilize the app.

While the vast majority of network controls are often limited from mobile devices, WiFi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert offers unprecedented access to internet security and speed optimization tools that are only clicks away. Having new features being constantly added, the app continues to grow in functionality with every update, keeping users up-to-date with the latest technology to counter internet vulnerabilities. While still behind the Android version in terms of accessible tools, it is not expected to be too long before WiFi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert for iOS contains the complete range of features that is typical of Home WiFi Alert products. For those seeking greater control over their network either for individual or business circumstances, the app offers is a must-have for monitoring private Wi-Fi settings to advance security and performance.

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