Truckbubba- A Handy and Convenient-to-Use Tool for the Truck Drivers

Sep 2, 2016

Trucking is one of the most flourishing professions with always increasing demand for truck drivers. However, very few people know that truck drivers have to face many challenges.

Apart from the hectic working hours, there is a critical shortage of truck parking space too. Absence of route navigation is another big issue that acts as an obstacle in effective trucking. Truckers are expected to deliver the cargo on time and owing to this pressure, the truckers are working day and night. This has also lead to health issues among them and has also increased work related injury costs.

Concerned for the truckers, the Truckbubba Smartphone app has been designed to assist the truck drivers in North America, which basically serves as their personal assistant. Now truckers can easily track the nearby truck shops and parking areas. This app also provides notification regarding the weigh station status. They can also search for the nearby emergency truck repair services on the road. This app is equally concerned about their safety issues, as it also shows the low bridges that truckers can avoid and thus preventing crashes.

Best Companion App For North America’s Truck Drivers~Truckbubba app

Truckbubba app is dedicated to serve the North America truck drivers as your personal mobile assistant. It can help you easily find nearby truck stops, parking areas, and repairing shops, etc. Truckbubba will also notify you the latest status of the weigh station ahead, which is contributed by many warm-hearted truckers like you.

While on the trip, tracking for the fuel is a major concern for truckers. Through this app, you can easily find the best fuel prices. Now, truckers need not to go clueless about the route, they can easily search for the best route which fit their trip schedule.

Of course, truckers also need enough rest so that they can rejuvenate themselves for the rest of the trip. They can look for the rest areas right from the Truckbubba app. Truckers can also use the GPS conveniently without being worried about the battery drain, all due to its latest power saving technology.

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