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May 13, 2018

Looking to test your knowledge, show your friends just how smart you are or even compete with people from around the world? If so, you need an app that allows you to battle it out with people across the world.

Below are five apps that will push your knowledge to the limit:

Quiz Up (iOS, Android)

Quiz Up is a fun way to test your knowledge against both friends and strangers from around the world, in a huge range of topics. Pick your topic and pair up with somebody to find out who is the true expert on your chosen topic. You will both be presented with the same question and four possible answers, get it right and you get points, get it right quickly and you will get even more points. When you reach the end of the round you can see both players scores and who has won the knowledge crown.

QuizUp just got a lot bigger!

Uploaded by QuizUp on 2015-05-19.

Quiz: Logo Game (Android)

How well do you really know companies logos? With Quiz: Logo Game you can find out and compete to see how you compare to other players. There are different categories of logos including food companies, British logos, and sports brands. Can you complete the challenge and name the brand that matches every logo before the time runs out? Logo Game can quickly become addictive as you strive to make it to the top of the leader board. There are similar games available on Apple’s app store for anyone with an iPhone looking to test their logo knowledge.

HQ Live Trivia (iOS, Android)

Ever wanted to be on a real TV game show, answering questions for real money and not just a score you can boast about to your friends, with HQ Live Trivia you can be and all without having to leave your house. Every day at 9pm HQ Live Trivia offers users from around the world the chance to take part in a live game show, with a real cash price for those who manage to beat the final question. At each level you will be presented with a question designed to push your knowledge to the limits, get the answer correct and you move on to the next level, get it wrong and you’re out but don’t worry because there is a new show every day.

Blank Map Quiz (Android)

Blank Map Quiz is exactly what it says in the name, a blank map of the world and a sequence of questions designed to test just how well you know where countries are in the world. Compete with friends who love to travel and find out who really knows the world the best. Blank Map Quiz can easily become an addictive game, as you try to beat your highest score and challenge yourself to improve your world knowledge at the same time. Blank Map could also be used as a fun tool to help you learn countries name placement in the world.

Blank Map Quiz

Gameplay for Thats Very Nice’s blank map quiz, the neon map game. The neon-bright, slightly psychedelic, world map quiz. Find the countries on a blank map in the fastest time possible. Featuring the following quizzes: – Europe – North/South America – Asia – Africa – Oceania – Whole World And with difficulty levels from easy (large or highly populated countries) to insane (all the teeny little islands).

Guess the Movie – Film Quiz (iOS, Android)

Guess the Movie is a must have app for anyone who loves movies and prides themselves on their extensive movie knowledge. With there currently being over 400 movies to guess and the app constantly updating it is almost impossible to not feel challenged by Guess the Movie. Test your knowledge and find out just how much you really know about movies, you can also access leader boarder to see how your scores compare to friends and people from around the world.

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