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May 3, 2017

As online sales of goods and services continue to climb in order to compete against traditional brick and mortar stores, an increasing number of platforms have been made available to facilitate the exchange of goods. Particularly in the realm of mobile apps, dozens have been developed in order to serve untapped markets or expand market penetration of existing retailers. For example, stores such as Walmart and Costco have introduced apps in order to expand its presence for those who prefer to shop online as opposed to at physical locations. With online shopping gaining popularity, this article explores the best apps available for making purchases right from the phone.

Letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

letgoLetgo is one of the fastest growing mobile apps that allow users to upload goods that they no longer need to sell to others on the platform. From cars to clothing, nearly anything can be found on the app. Emphasizing simplicity as the main selling point as opposed to other used goods apps, Letgo allows users to upload a posting of their goods on the site in seconds while buyers can search for goods instantly. By facilitating exchanges between those who are nearby each another, users can avoid paying high shipping fees while the aspect of buying used goods ensures that prices are extremely competitive and are able to rival the purchase of new goods.

Flipp – Weekly Ads & Coupons


Given that prices are constantly increasing due to inflation, consumers are often familiar with coupons and weekly flyer sales in order to get the most out of their purchase. Flipp, while not an app that directly facilitates exchanges, is one which brings ads and coupons directly to the user in order to help them save money. Instead of having to compile the countless coupons from different magazines and flyers which can take a tremendous amount of time, Flipp is an easy-to-use app which saves time, money, and eliminates the hassle of having to collect and store the coupons. From Walmart and Target, to Best Buy, users of Flipp are able to receive large discounts on a weekly basis on their purchases which makes it one of the best apps for making buying either in-store or online.


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As one of the most well-known ecommerce platforms for exchanges, Ebay is often recognized as the best place to buy and sell goods online. As a seller, the option to host bids for an item ensures that they get the best possible price for their goods while the buyer who values the good the most can obtain it. With goods that are both new and old, exchanges are not limited to only those who are nearby but can also be from around the world, although this does include shipping costs. To ensure that only reputable parties are conducting business on the app, Ebay has a rating system in which buyers and sellers give each other ratings out of 5 stars once a transaction has been completed. In doing so, those with low ratings are avoided while buyers and sellers with good ratings can earn more sales.


grouponAs another app which encourages cost savings for purchases, Groupon provides its users with deals on activities in order to save money. For example, with select activities such as golf or going out for a meal, the app is able to give large discounts if the activity is done with several people or at specific venues. Users are able to purchase and redeem the coupons directly from the app without ever having to print it out for maximum convenience. Furthermore, if multiple coupons are purchased, the app organizes them by date of expiry to ensure that users do not forget about their upcoming events. The activities on the app are not just for local events, but as a global app, users can purchase events for places that they are planning to visit as well. With cost savings of up to 70%, Groupon is one of the best apps for saving money on upcoming group activities.



Deviating from larger retailers or manufacturers, Etsy started off as an app which allowed people to purchase right from the makers of the product. As a simple idea, it caught on to grow into one of the biggest ecommerce platforms that have empowered millions who are creating goods on a smaller scale. Coupling both social aspects into the business of sales, Etsy embodies a fundamentally different approach to commerce that does not emphasize mass production, but rather a more personalized experience in the transaction. As a marketplace with more independent sellers who may work from home or produce goods as a hobby, the app ensures that profit is only one aspect of the exchange while also simultaneously building a community. To do this, the app allows for direct communication between the creators of the item with the buyers for a closer relationship.

Wish - Shopping Made Fun


For one of the cheapest ecommerce platforms, Wish is designed to bring the most inexpensive goods to users from a broad range of categories. From fashion to electronics, all of the goods are sold brand new and at a massive discount from regular retailers. With such a wide array that can be found with up to 80% savings, millions of goods are made available to replicate the accessibility of a personalized shopping mall. Furthermore, the advanced filtering and search function of Wish ensures that even though there are millions of items for sale, users are able to find exactly what they are looking for in seconds. The app sources goods from around the world and is not restricted any particular region, making it perfect for finding nearly any product.

With these apps installed on the Android device, users are able to purchase almost anything in just a few clicks and with the convenience of a mobile app. As online shopping continues to grow quicker than retail sales, these apps are likely to expand exponentially in the future with more and more features added.

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