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Jul 20, 2017

As spending continues to grow as a result of increased purchasing power and income, many incentives have been created which are designed to get consumers to buy more. From sales to coupons and cash back rewards, these programs help to save money and reduce the overall cost of shopping. To bring this notion into the digital realm, online shopping has also been on the rise and is experiencing significant growth year-over-year. With this, many apps have been developed in order to help users earn money or receive discounts to save while they shop. This article explores these apps and reveals the ones that are the best to use or can offer the greatest rewards per purchase.

Receipt Hog – Snap Receipts. Earn Cash.

Receipt Hog by Infoscout is an innovative app that turns receipts into opportunities for earning money. No matter where a user may shop, once they have paid, all that has to be done in order to start earning is to take a picture of the receipt and upload it onto the Receipt Hog app. From there, the app provides cash rewards that can be redeemed from PayPal or used as a gift coupon on Amazon. Through providing the receipt for Reciept Hog, the app is able to collect market research data from the consumer so that companies who purchase the information are able to gauge the demographic of their consumers. The app further gamifies the process by allowing users to gain reward points such as using the Hog Slot Machines and Wheels to win additional cash rewards and gift coupons as an incentive to return and use the service. As an easy way to earn money on any purchase through a picture of a receipt, Receipt Hog is a great tool for earning while shopping.

SavingStar – Grocery Savings

Given that groceries can be a large expenditure that is done on a regular basis, earning monetary rewards for grocery shopping can be significant in the long run. By scanning the loyalty rewards card during payment at the grocery store, SavingStar allows users to gain rewards points that are added onto the account. With the points that have been accumulated, they can then be redeemed via PayPal or transferred to a bank account to be used later. By being able to use the SavingStar rewards card at over 60,000 different outlets and grocery stores, users will be able to collect points from nearly any purchase. Furthermore, even in places where the rewards card is not accepted, the receipt can be uploaded to receive the rewards instead. Beyond just rewards, the app also presents the newest and best deals which is designed to help save money to simultaneously earning during their shopping, making it a powerful tool to reduce the cost of shopping.

SavingStar Grocery eCoupons – Nothing to clip or print. – Get SavingStar eCoupons. Save money on your groceries with exclusive grocery coupons from SavingStar. Nothing to clip or print. Available online and on Android/iPhone apps.

MobiSave Rebates

Similar to Receipt Hog, MobiSave Rebates allows users to earn cash rewards on their purchases through an image of their receipt. Extremely intuitive to start earning, there is minimal input required from the user besides a picture. With this image, the rewards will be sent to the users PayPal account within 24 hours where it can be used for online purchases or transferred to a bank account. What makes MobiSave Rebates so compelling is that the cash rewards are sent extremely quickly to the account while no threshold has to be met before they can be redeemed whereas other apps will require a minimum number of points before they can be redeemed. Furthermore, the app provides coupons and offers to different locations so that users can save money on their purchases at the same time, making it one of the best apps to use to save while shopping.

Checkout 51: GroceryCoupons & Cash Back Savings

In order to save a tremendous amount on regular purchases, Checkout 51 offers various discounts on products which are updated once a week. Deviating beyond paper coupons which are time consuming to browse and collect, the digital coupons are brought right into the app and can be used in a highly convenient way. Furthermore, as Checkout 51 is always updated, the discounts that are provided are relevant so that buyers never miss out on a recent deal. With any purchase that is made, users have to take a picture of their receipt and upload it to the app, similar to the previous apps listed. From there, the items on the receipt that are eligible for cash back are then automatically calculated and put into the users account. However, the threshold to redeem the points is $20 which will be sent in the form of a cheque. To receive discounts on new products every week as well as receive cash back savings on many different purchases, Checkout 51 is one of the highest recommended tools found on the App Store.

Checkout 51 – Grocery coupons and cash back deals

“Earn cash back when you buy your favourite brands. Install the app now to see how much you can save on groceries this week! Now available in Quebec! All you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday 2. – Grocery Coupons & Cash Back Savings

One of the largest names in the coupon and purchasing rewards space, is a brand that millions are familiar with in order to get discounts and money for their purchases. In the form of paperless coupons, all that a user has to do to begin saving is connect their loyalty card to the account to receive promotional offers at various stores. In terms of earning cash, the app works in much the same way as other apps where a picture of the receipt is needed to earn rewards on the purchase. Through the image, cash can be earned and put into the users PayPal account to be used on other purchases. As one of the largest names for coupons and getting discounts as well as a source of cash back savings after purchases, is an app which can provide significant benefits in the long run.

With price increases as a result of inflation, receiving monetary benefits from purchasing goods can provide a tremendous amount of value, especially if done over the a long period of time. With the apps listed in this article, users are able to not only save money through coupons and discounts, but can also get money back with every purchase that is made.

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