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Apr 28, 2017

English, one of the most popular and recognizable languages in the world is often regarded as a universal language and is taught to millions either in the form of a primary or secondary language. For example, it is estimated that around 2 billion people, or roughly 30% of the world’s population utilizes English to communicate on a regular basis. From the content found online or in the media to the language of business, English is often cited as the language that is used the most. For these reasons, various apps have been developed with the sole purpose of teaching English to those who may not know it as their first language. This article explores the best iOS apps for learning English at any education level, from those who are just starting out or those who are looking to improve their English capabilities.

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Created by the British Council, LearnEnglish Grammar provides thousands of questions and practice problems to improve English grammar accuracy. With several different levels including CEFR level A1 and CEFR level C2, users of the app are able to select the level which they are most comfortable starting off at and progressing to more challenging questions as they go. Since learning English is considered to be difficult as a result of the different aspects that must be learned, LearnEnglish Grammar breaks each level down to 25 different activities such as fill in the blank, full questions, and matching. Through these questions, those who are learning are able to learn about various nouns, verbs, tenses, and tags. Given the degree of detail that the app is able to cover in terms of grammar, LearnEnglish is an ideal tool for improving English proficiency at nearly any level.

LearnEnglish Grammar App Preview Video

LearnEnglish Grammar is a top interactive grammar practice app designed to help improve English grammar accuracy. The app offers 1000s of questions to help practice and reinforce your English grammar skills. For more information, visit

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From the creators of Duolingo, one of the best and most comprehensive apps for learning various languages, Duolingo English Test is a highly regarded tool used for learning and evaluating English at nearly every level. The app is so well recognized that it is trusted by companies and governments in order to test and educate employees on their English proficiency. For example, Uber, the Government of Columbia, and even Harvard University use the app to gauge where people are at in terms of their English speaking, writing, and reading abilities. Upon completing the various tests, the app is also able to give certifications in order to officially assess the English strength of the test takers. With these test scores, Duolingo English Test scores can be uploaded easily to LinkedIn or exported as it is often a credible evaluation of one’s language abilities. An incredible app to be used as an indicator of English proficiency, the 30-minute tests allows people to test their skills and learn the language with a high degree of comprehensiveness.

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Based on the book which is titled the same, Murphy’s English Grammar in Use is designed for those who already have some foundation in English and are seeking way to improve their grammar and speaking abilities. The app is based on a freemium model with a free Starter Kit that contains grammar units and a study guide for users to try out. If they find that the app is useful, there are additional grammar units which can then be purchased as they are needed. Two features of the app that make it extremely useful are the quizzes and auditory examples that are given. The quizzes test the content that a user learns from each grammar unit while the auditory examples read aloud the sentences so that users are able to follow and practice along. In conjunction with either the ebook or physical book, the app can be used as a powerful way to enhance English for those who already have a foundation.

Improve your English Grammar with the English Grammar in Use App

Introducing the brand new English Grammar in Use app from Cambridge University Press. The new, downloadable mobile app of the fourth edition of Raymond Murphy’s best-selling English Grammar book is now available for iOS and Android.

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While the core premise of the other apps are to read and write in English, Speak English – Listen, Repeat, Compare is primarily aimed at helping people grasp the ability to Speak English.  In providing only the most applicable information, there are a host of different topics that are covered such as job interviews, presentations, and conversational English to ensure that no matter what the circumstances are, users of the app have the necessary tools to communicate effectively. Speak English is extremely easy to use and enables non-native English speakers to begin learning pronunciations and fluency at their own pace. For example, the app will show a common phrase, read it aloud, and then pause briefly for the user to repeat the phrase back while the app records. With the recording, the app then plays the audio back to the user so that they are able to compare between how they pronounced the sentence with how the app does. In doing so, users are able to learn proper pronunciation of words and different elements of conversation for any environment, making it extremely powerful for learning how to speak English.

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Replicating the structure of a textbook, Learn English grammar tenses breaks down the basic aspects of the English language into various sections so that users can progress in a logical order.  For example, some of the topics that are covered in Section 1 include past, present, and future tenses which are simple to grasp for beginners while Section 2 has time clauses and indirect speech which is considered to be a little more advanced. In order to reinforce learning, the end of every section contains questions which gauge the level of understanding that the user has with regards to the content that they went through. Through these questions and quizzes, users can see where they are lacking and are able to go back and study on the areas which they may have had trouble, making it ideal for those who are looking for a more structured curriculum.

While learning English can be challenging for non-native English speakers, these various apps are able to encompass the various tools that are needed to improve fluency. From speaking, to reading, to writing, the apps found in this article provide on-the-go education which enables its users to learn at their own pace and style for a better experience.

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