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Jul 11, 2017

Learning a new language can be a rewarding experience that opens up new avenues and introduces the unfamiliar culture of different countries. By learning a new language, several benefits can be realized from a professional, social, and cultural level and is important in a society that continues to be connected through the internet and other forms of media. Although a skill which can have massive payoffs, learning languages can be extremely difficult and time consuming, especially if the language is completely new. However, as more mobile apps are developed, it becomes increasingly convenient and easy to start without the need to be in a classroom or restricted to a stringent curriculum. With so many available tools, this article discusses the most effective ones for learning a new language while on-the-go.

Duolingo – Learn Spanish, French and more

Duolingo is a well-recognized app that can be regarded as one of the most popular to learn over 23 languages. For those who decide to create an account on the app, tracking progress and milestones becomes significantly easier so that users are able to pace their learning over a sustained period of time. As opposed to simply reading words and trying to memorize them, Duolingo has several different forms of media to facilitate effective learning from texts, images, and audio exercises so that users get a comprehensive overview of the language. With speaking practice as well as hearing how the words are spoken in its native language coupled with visual texts and images, learning is made into a much more intuitive process.  To further solidify what the user has learned, practice exercises can reinforce vocabulary so that more difficult lessons such as forming sentences and structure are easier to grasp.  Given that larger lessons are broken down into smaller modules, learning a new language is significantly streamlined and fun with Duolingo, making it one of the best language apps that are available on the App Store.

Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language

Find out why Duolingo is the #1 way to learn Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Duolingo teaches you to read, write, listen and speak. And it’s extremely effective. In fact, an independent study found that 34 hours on Duolingo are equal to a whole university semester.

Learn English with Films – ABA English

As English is considered to be the universal language in many parts of the world, it is one that is extremely important to be familiar with. ABA English utilizes the power of media and film in order to teach the English language to users of the app. Given that film and video are the most popular forms of media online, it is also one of the best tools for learning a new language because it can be highly captivating. By being shown videos with actors from either the US or UK, the lessons are realistic and viewers simply follow the short films along with a study of the dialogue. After this, written quizzes and grammar questions are asked to gauge the understanding of the film content. Although a few films are not enough to become fluent in English, watching several cumulatively can greatly help with learning the language in a practical way that other tools lack. With certificates at every level that is passed, ABA English is one of the best and most comprehensive language apps for learning how to become proficient in English.


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Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone

Offering more than 20 different languages, Learn Languages deviates from traditional forms of education which can be considered to be boring and dull. As a difficult topic to fully grasp, the app makes learning a new language more fun by gamifying the curriculum instead of sticking with more traditional methods. Through gamification, the app is highly engaging and ensures that users want to come back in order to keep up their progress. As one of the most popular names in the language learning space, Rosetta Stone is world-renown for how effective it is in helping people become fluent in another language. Featuring an easy-to-follow interface, simple instructions, and a lesson plan that is designed for maximum retention, Learn Languages is perfect for verbal as well as reading and writing skill development for the most popular languages. Furthermore, the app is highly proprietary in employing speech recognition technology so that it is able to gauge how accurately the user is pronouncing the words when compared to a native speaker for the greatest degree of accuracy when speaking.

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Babbel – Learn Languages Spanish, French & more

With audio taken directly from native speakers, users of Babbel can instantly access more than 2,000 words per language from a database that continues to grow on a regular basis. With different levels of difficulty based on how experienced the user is with the language, new words are made accessible with every level that is passed. Without compromising the quality of the lessons that are provided, Babbel can provide on-the-go language education for more than 14 languages which is primarily focused on development of the user’s conservational skills that can be utilized in the most common settings. Highly applicable to those who need practical lessons, each one is only 10-15 minutes long so that there is no information overload when using the app. Also able to work without an internet connection, Babbel utilizes the microphone in order to gauge the accuracy of pronunciation relative to how native speakers say the words. With a custom goal system that can be adapted to the learning needs of every user, different benchmarks and progress monitors can be employed when learning a foreign language, making it one of the best language learning apps available.

Babbel App Preview – Google Play

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Deviating from traditional classroom lectures which can be both time consuming and expensive, mobile apps have been made available to make the virtual learning process simpler and more convenient. Whether users are looking to learn a language to get by in a new country or to be able to use it in a professional environment, the apps in this article are able to significantly streamline the act of learning for quicker results. With different functionalities that give access to language lessons at any time, give immediate feedback, employ different forms of media in the curriculum, and even integrate fun games in order to make the education more engaging, these apps are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in becoming fluent in another language.

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