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Jun 12, 2017

Becoming a new parent is one of the biggest milestones that brings both joy and a sense of stress unlike any before. With a newborn child, many responsibilities and tasks must be undertaken by the parent to ensure that the baby has everything that it needs to be comfortable and safe. With such a large number of responsibilities that may be entirely new, several tools have been developed with the sole purpose of easing the process of becoming a parent, from those that help with schedules to others that are designed to keep the baby entertained in a healthy way. For new parents, this article lists the most essential apps that can be utilized in taking care of a newborn in both the short and long term.

Pregnancy & Baby | What to Expect

Prior to the actual birth of the baby, the pregnancy stage for new mothers and fathers can be one that is full of excitement as well as anxiety. As new parents are not entirely sure of what to expect, the Pregnancy & Baby is a highly relevant tool that can be used in order to evaluate progress throughout the weeks. With the ability to capture the growth of the bump and baby week over week, the app provides useful information on what can be expected. Furthermore, the content that is provided is written and reviewed by health professionals to ensure that readers are receiving highly credible knowledge, making it one that is recommended by many doctors in the space. Pregnancy & Baby comes with a suite of tools that help in a variety of tasks including a wishlist, registry checklist, kick tracker, and contraction timer. One of the most helpful features, however, is the Is It Safe button which lets users ask questions on different foods and activities to gauge how safe it is for the baby during pregnancy.  With all of these functionalities in the app, it is one of the most applicable for couples during the pregnancy stage of becoming new parents.

Sleepy Sounds

With any new baby, one of the most difficult aspects of adjustment is the sleep cycles of a child. Unpredictable and often considered to be inconvenient, the sleeping habits of a newborn baby can be extremely tough on new parents, especially those who are not able to invest a significant amount of funds into expensive hardware that is dedicated to easing the process. As a cheaper, more lightweight alternative, Sleepy Sounds provides soothing sounds, either lullabies, white noise, or nature noises right from the phone to help get the to baby sleep peacefully. The app is designed in such a way that it facilitates sleeping whenever it is the appropriate time for the baby and even has a sleep timer so that parents are able to leave the phone with the newborn while Sleepy Sounds will automatically turn off at the specified time. As a less expensive alternative to dedicated sleep assistant devices, the app is considered to be one of the best for helping regulate newborn sleep cycles.

Sleepy Sounds for Android

A short video showing Sleepy Sounds for Android, also available on iPhone / iPad

Baby Art – Baby App for Baby Photos

An issue that many parents are familiar with at later stages of their child’s development is that they grew up too fast. While this problem has primarily been due to the expensive costs of photography in the past that has prohibited taking excessive pictures, the issue of cost is no longer a significant factor. On the contrary, many tools that are free have been developed specifically for tracking the progress and growth of a child, one of which is Baby Art. With minimal input required from the user, all that is needed is to take the pictures of the baby on a regular basis to then automatically form slideshows, time-lapse videos, and even collages. Even with no video editing software or experience, the app allows for professional videos to be created and shared with others in a matter of seconds. Although other apps are able to do this as well, one of the most differentiating features of Baby Art is that users are able to make various purchases right from the virtual store. For example, some goods that are offered include magnets, posters, and stickers which can be customized to the photos of the baby, making it perfect for parents who want to track the growth of their child throughout the years.

Baby Nursing – Breastfeeding Tracker

Health is often the most important and stressful factors when taking care of a newborn baby. With so many different indicators and tools that are available for parents, the process can be one that is difficult to follow and confusing. One of the easiest tools that have been developed specifically for monitoring the health progress of babies is Baby Nursing which allows for tracking of various health factors including weight, size, milestones, as well as other metrics. Although inputting the information on a regular basis can be tedious, it is highly valuable as the app automatically generates graphs and tables as a visual representation of how the newborn is growing. This makes it highly applicable to parents who are looking to streamline their analysis process as the visuals make it extremely easy to grasp at a quick glance. Furthermore, Baby Nursing also offers the ability to take pictures and videos on a periodic basis in order to track development over a longer period of time, making it one of the best apps for monitoring newborn health for parents.


As one of the biggest milestones that an individual can achieve in life, becoming a first-time parent is the most exciting and nerve-racking experience that a person can go through. With so new responsibilities as well as tools available for newborn parents, choosing the right one for every task can be daunting, especially for those with limited experience. Using the apps listed in this article, users are able to carry out different responsibilities in a much more streamlined manner from tracking health, to putting the baby to sleep, and even recording growth development using pictures and videos.

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