Top Apps for the Christmas Holidays

Dec 23, 2017

As Christmas is just around the corner, many apps have been made available for the holiday season to help out with various season related tasks. From shopping and gifts to more entertainment based apps, the range of tools available are able to enhance the season for any demographic and age range. With so many different apps available centered on the Christmas theme, this article explores the ones that are most useful for different needs.

For Purchasing Gifts: Amazon (iOS/Android)

One of the most celebrated aspects of Christmas is the process of gift giving. As a holiday that glorifies presents, Amazon is a must-have app for all purchases. Offering nearly anything that anyone is looking for, Amazon is perfect for buying and sending gifts in a convenient and inexpensive manner. Instead of having to engage with the stress associated with going out to buy gifts in a crowded mall where inventory is always an issue, Amazon lets its users easily order online with a few buttons at highly competitive rates. Beyond this, purchasers can have the gift sent anywhere in the world which is perfect for Christmas given that the sender and receiver do not have to be in the same area in order to exchange gifts. Through the use of a rating system, buyers are able to see what others are saying about the quality of the product to ensure that there is no confusion, something that is often an issue for online orders. With the holiday sale soon happening on Amazon, it is an app that is perfect for making a large number of purchases from the comfort of home while saving both time and money.

For Tracking Santa: NORAD Tracks Santa Claus (iOS/Android)

Santa, a name that is synonymous with Christmas, has been made the mascot of the holiday for both adults and children. As the presence of Santa is so magical for those who are young, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has developed a mobile app that lets users track where Santa is in the world on Christmas. This means that the imagination of Santa becomes more real for children who want to see where Santa is and when he will be passing through their region to give presents. Beyond being able to track where Santa is in the world, users can also play different games that are designed to help Santa get all of the presents to their destinations. However, a caveat to the app is that it is only functional during Christmas Eve and Christmas when Santa is on the move otherwise it will simply display a countdown until Christmas. As a lighthearted app that is perfect for children who want to get a more tangible experience with Santa, NORAD Tracks Santa Claus is a great way to enhance the Christmas experience.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2017

The holiday spirit is in full swing with NORAD Tracks Santa! Join Santa and his magic reindeer as they prepare for their epic journey across the world. . .

For Shopping Lists: Christmas Gift List (Android)

Bringing a traditional method of tracking gifts to the digital space, Christmas Gift List is a tool that is highly applicable to those who are looking to streamline their budgets for the holiday. Through the app, users are able to set up each person who they want to get gifts for and then allocated a budget that is planned to be spent for that person. As users buy gifts, they are able to record what it is into the app and the cost of the purchase which will then be subtracted from the allocated budget. With a high level page dedicated to the stats of the spending such as how much has been spent in total, what the budget is, how many gifts have been bought, and how many more need to be purchased, users can understand exactly what they are missing. As a simple app that is able to significantly help with the budgeting and planning portion of Christmas, Christmas Gift List is a must have for those who want to effectively manage their spending in a digital format.

For Writing a Letter to Santa: Letter to Santa Claus – Write to Santa North Pole (iOS)

Writing a letter to Santa has been the tradition for many kids who want to express what they want for Christmas despite being a task that involves pen, paper, and mailing the letter. Although some services provide a return letter, this can take several weeks and be a hassle overall. With the introduction of a mobile app, however, writing a letter to Santa can be extremely easy and quick. Through Write to Santa North Pole, users can draft a letter with font that resembles how a child would write to closely match the spirit of actually writing a letter. Once this is done, children can select whether they have been naughty or nice for the year at which point they are able to send the letter to Santa. After the letter has been sent, users can expect a reply from Santa that outlines what the child has requested to make it highly realistic and personalized. As a great way to communicate with Santa, Write to Santa North Pole is a favourite for many children who want to be able to express what they want for Christmas.

Given that Christmas is so close, the apps listed in this article are able to significantly make the holiday season more enjoyable for both adults and children. From apps that are designed to help with purchasing gifts to others that track Santa on Christmas, these tools are great alternatives to traditional methods of getting gifts and interacting with Santa.

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