Top 5 Space Games In The Galaxy

Jun 26, 2018

Leave Earth behind and venture through space with the top space themed games on the app store. Create spaceships, manage crew, explore new planets and become the first man to walk on Mars it’s all possible with just your phone.

Take off into space with the following five games:

Pixel Starships Space MMORPG (iOS, Android)

Pixel Starship is a spaceship management game set in an 8bit online universe. You have complete control of your ship from its construction and crew to how you handle space battles. Spend hours customizing your ship with different resource and recreation rooms, choose weapons that will lead you to space victory and personally select your staff in order to build the perfect space team, all while balancing your limited resources. Explore space and discover new planets, races and other players factions. Battle against other players or work together forming your own factions, with Pixel Starship the universe is your limit. The 8bit graphics add a new take on space games and create a truly immerse and fun retro world that you just want to keep coming back to and exploring.

Pixel Starships v0.18 Preview

Pixel Starships v0.18 Preview

Mars: Mars (iOS, Android)

Play as a regular human who has been given the life changing opportunity to explore Mars thanks to MarsCorp and their ‘Put a Human on Mars No Matter What’ program. Described as a program that has cut just enough corners to make human flights to Mars possible and professional astronauts have warned is an impossible journey, you are the brave volunteer who will be exploring Mars with a jetpack. Explore the surface of Mars, discover new materials, take selfies and try to avoid sudden death, oh and don’t forget MarsCorps main goal have fun. Mars is an addictive game that mixes space exploration with just the right amount of insanity.

Mars: Mars – Trailer

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Full of Stars (iOS)

Full of Stars is a story based arcade journey through space exploring humanity’s survival. Humanity is on the edge of extinction following a galaxy-wide war that has destroyed multiple planets and left humans scattered across the galaxy seeking safety. Playing as a daring space captain you must guide people to safety, working your way through unexplored parts of the galaxy and confronting aliens. Each part of the story contains a new challenge that you must fight your way through with excellently crafted arcade mechanics and graphics.

Hyperburner (iOS, Android)

Gone are the days of racing on the ground in small metal cars, with Hyperburner you enter the future where you can fly through space in your very own spaceship at speeds you thought you could only ever have dreamed of. With realistic graphics and easy to learn controls Hyperburner creates an immersive experience leaving Earth behind and allowing you to become a true space racer. Each level increases the difficulty keeping the game feeling fresh and challenging. You also unlock new ships as you play, giving you even more power and speed.

Hyperburner Gameplay Trailer

Uploaded by Bad Potion on 2016-10-02.

Returner 77 (iOS, Android)

Returner 77 is a sci-fi 3D puzzle adventure game with graphics so realistic that you will forget you are playing a game. Enter a future world where aliens have invaded and destroyed the world as we know it, playing as one of the only survivors explore an abandoned alien ship in search of information that could help to rebuild humanity. As you explore discover puzzles that you must work to solve and uncover new information that you can use to save Earth. Returner 77 contains a mix of different puzzles that keep you thinking and all challenge you in varying ways creating a game play experience like no other.

Android Release Trailer

Returner 77 will be available on Google Play in April!

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