Top 5 quiz apps to test your knowledge

Jul 8, 2016

I created this list because I find these quiz apps the best for fun, playing, competing and “training” for pub or TV quizzes.

QuizUp (Free)

An award winning game, gained popularity among users. Quizes are available in different tpics and the quicker the answer the more point can be received. Well recorded results with percentage on wins and losses. However, new updates do not provide new features or functionality.


Quiz Your Friends (Free)

A nice app that can be played together with your friends. A quiz can be made and send to friends. The feature I like the most is that quizzes can be saved as well.


Logos Quiz (Free)

A special quiz for recognizing company logos. Although there is a possibility of online playing with others, often you have to wait a lot or someone to come.  The quiz gradually becomes harder, which is a good point.


DK Quiz (Free)

Over 100 quizzes covering a lot of topics like history, science or food. You can play alone and compare your achieved score with others to see your overall ranking, or against your friends who you can connect through social sites.


Quiz creator (Free)

This app provides an online community for quiz creating.  New quizzes are added daily so no repeat in questions. If you prefer making quiz over playing it, this app is definitely for you.



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