Top 3 technology tips for new mothers

Dec 5, 2016

Did you realise being a new Mom could be so exciting yet overwhelming at the same time? It’s exciting when everyone is bubbling around visiting you and your new bub. It’s challenging when your bub doesn’t sleep. Then lets be honest, there is a lot of down time when you are breast feeding by yourself on the couch.

So relax and enjoy your new best friend…. Your smartphone! You are not alone, AOL found 84% of Moms have smartphones and those with young children spend more time than any other adult using them – on average 37 hours a month.

More than half of mothers surveyed in By Edison Research in 2014 said technology has had a positive influence in their life. So don’t feel guilty, it is helping you be a better mother. You can research baby sleeping habits, breastfeeding tips, buy maternity clothes or order your groceries online.

Let technology make these early weeks and months enjoyable.

  1. Dr Paul J Zak at Claremont Graduate University showed higher levels of oxytocin and lower stress levels when subjects had used twitter and Facebook. So increase those “Cuddle hormones” and reach out to your friends and family on Facebook. Write up little moments as exciting events from that day – a smile, a laugh or a poop explosion. Facebook your mothers group when you are up late at night – guaranteed someone else will be up too.
  2. Escapism, for mothers it is a chance to watch a Netflix series, listen to Spotify music or an audio book. This break from reality will give you the energy to get back into the constant demands of motherhood. You will have fond memories of a series you were able to binge watch through those feeding sessions. Talk to your mom – things were the same – it was just ‘Day’s of our lives’ and ‘Oprah’ that became the mainstay of their escapism.
  3. Use your phone to connect with your Baby. Take more cute pictures of your bub then frequently look through the wonderful memories of babies first hours, days & weeks. Download an app like Baby Chalk even while you are pregnant and create a story of your child’s life right from that first bump. Use the app to encourage you to make even more precious moments. Add artwork and sayings to make lasting memories – then increase everyone’s oxytocin levels when you share adorable baby moments on Facebook.
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