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Jan 14, 2017

As one of the largest cities in the world, New York is often recognized as being intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the culture and area. At times, the vastness of the different local spots, eateries, routes, attractive places, and different neighborhoods can be overwhelming in such a busy geography that encompasses millions of inhabitants and tourists. The busy nature of the city requires a high degree of technical needs in order to keep up with the most detailed information such as the arrival time of the next subway, the nearest eateries, nearest public restroom, fastest route to a particular destination. With the introduction of mobile apps catered to those in the city, it becomes substantially managing various needs whether users are natives of New York or are passing by as a tourist. This article discusses the top 10 iOS apps that can enhance the New York experience.


DINE is a particularly useful app for users who are planning on meeting with a friend for a meal such as for lunch or dinner after work. With the app, all the user needs to do is search for restaurants around their immediate vicinity in order to receive the ones closest to them out of the possible 16,000 restaurants in the city. Filtering through the bubbling New York restaurants to suggest only the most exciting spots in every neighborhood, DINE can also be used to filter for bars, restaurants by type of event, neighborhood, and available menu. Furthermore, the app shows the users reviews and customer experience from trusted individuals and sources so that users can gauge the restaurant prior to choosing.

2) Drizly

Instead of having to go out, Drizly is an on-demand app which brings your favorite drink to your doorstep in a timely manner, essential being a virtual liquor store with immediate delivery. For example, with the app users can browse some of the best selection of wine, beer, as well as liquor in an simple interface and then have their selection delivered right to them. Given the crowded streets of New York, this aoo is ideal for those who do not want to go outside during the winter or when it is raining while also beating the traffic. The best aspect of Drizly is that the prices of the drinks are the same as the local store and the delivery service is reliable and hassle-free.

3) Postmates

For those in New York who do not want to wait for a product to be delivered via the regular postal services, Postmates is available as a delivery app which is able to bring any product ordered online from electronics, sandwich, clothes, food items in the shortest period of time. Delivering from local shops, Postmate makes shopping fast and easy as all that is needed from the user is to place an order from any online shop, store, or restaurant with the app and a member of the Postmates team will pick up the product and deliver it straight to the user.

4) Happy Hour

Similar to Drizly in that Happy Hour is based on convenient drinking, Happy Hour lets users know which of the various bars in New York which currently has their happy hour including a list of the drinks that are served. Extremely simple to use, all that is required of the user is to open the Happy Hour app, check-in to the bar, and then click on the “start” button to get discounted beverages. As alcohol is often overpriced during regular operating hours, this app is perfect for those who are looking for discounted drinks in New York.

5) iTrans

iTrans is one of the most detailed one-stop guides available for the city of New York. Through the app, users are able to find a variety of maps, service alerts, up-to-date arrival and departure schedule, maps of the neighborhood, and lots more. Rather than relying on the wall-mounted maps at the various stations which often contain small font and are worn out, iTrans can guide the user by providing them with detailed information about when to catch the next bus or train as the transit system in New York is not the easiest one to comprehend.

6) Citymapper

Using the Citymapper app, users can get the exact directions or route from any place in New York either by subway, bus, or walking path. As New York is known for its busy streets and congested traffic, alternative routes must be constantly found in order to get people to their destination as fast as possible. Citymapper is different that Google Maps in that it is specifically tailored to transit and hence can give greater details of the area compared to other mapping systems. Through up-to-the-minute updates on the available routes to get anywhere within the city, Citymapper is ideal for those who are living or visiting New York.

7) Spring

Moving away from conventional methods of shopping such as in brick and mortar stores, Spring is transforming the way New Yorkers browse and shop online. The app gives the user the opportunity to browse and scroll through numerous varieties of designer products like Opening Ceremony and Prabal Gurung with some items which are only exclusive to the app and not available elsewhere. Through Spring, users are only a click away from getting a brand-new wardrobe even without having to leave your home. Furthermore, the app comes with free shipping and returns as well as items which are on new or are on sale.

8) Time Out New York

In terms of activities and attractions, New York is recognized as having some of the most iconic landmarks in America. To make it easier for visitors to find these locations, Time Out New York has collected all of the most popular attractions in the form of an app. Suggesting some of the coolest events and destinations around the user’s location, Time Out New York acts as a tour guide for a variety of events that can be quickly accessed for those who are interested in such activities.

9) MenuPages

With so many foods that are unique to New York, several alternatives and variations can exist for even a single food. Through MenuPages, users can simply browse the numerous menus at the closest New York fast food center around in order to decide what they are interested in without having to enter several restaurants. Suggesting a list with the nearest fast food center as well as the snacks, and sandwiches that are being served, MenuPages makes choosing what to eat in New York simple. Unfortunately the app is not updated frequently and can be inaccurate sometimes.

10) Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map

In avoiding the long walks in the subway system to get to the exit, users of Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map are able to plan their subway ride in such a way that allows them to leave the subway and get right to the exit. As the New York subway system often confuses even the most frequent riders, the app makes it quick to navigate to your destination with the minimal amount of walking. Additionally, the map also shows where the entrances to the subway are so that users can access it at the most convenient locations.

In using the apps collected in this article, tourists and locals alike are able to significantly enhance their experience while in the city form transit to food apps.

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