To be honest, Truth or Dare iPhone app is just OK

Jul 2, 2016

The Truth or Dare!!! app is a randy college boy’s dream come true. It’s also something experimental teens would love to have at an unchaperoned high school party. 

The cheese factor abounds in the naughty truth or dare game, which at times asks the truth teller to say who is the hottest person in the room. Adding to the tension, the app let’s you enter all player’s names and then shake for a random name selection so you never know if you are next.  Still, the app is rated 12+, so even kids can download it and play on birthday parties.

Before downloading, be warned that the creators should tell you the blindfold isn’t included because almost every dare has to do with one. Put on a blindfold and let someone kiss you, then guess who it was. Put on a blindfold, and then guess who each person in the room is by feeling their hands. It would make for a great episode of a reality show.

This game is definitely not meant to play with your significant other. Things will get tense real quick when some truths are asked. But, it’s perfect for a swinging singles party. Although I don’t know how sexy it is to give a stranger a foot massage.

Since it is not that challenging to build a Truth or Dare game (it does not require spectacular graphics, special hardware, etc), there are many other similar game in the App Store with minute differences. Maybe the best among the alternatives is Truth or Dare !?, which has a unique feature: it can be customized with user added dares using the names of your friends as variables. This can generate a great feeling when playing with this app first, your friend will be surprised when they realize that the app “knows” who they are and what they dare to.

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