These iPhone apps make learning ABCs and 123s interactive fun

Jan 24, 2018

Education has never been easier with a whole host of tools available to both parents and teachers. Teach kids using the things they’re always holding in their hands anyway, what’s not to like?

Below is a list of apps that will provide hours of entertainment for your kids and give them a head start at school:

Endless Reader (iOS, Android)

Endless Reader is an app designed to help teach young children those all-important sight words that will ensure they become confident readers. Children learn with the help of a team of adorable monsters and interactive puzzles. For those who have a 3D touch phone, children can enjoy tapping the monsters and watching as they react in different ways. This is a cute feature that also helps to bring the monsters to life. As children develop their confidence they can have a go at spotting the sight words in sentences, helping to give the words they learn context.

Little Digits (iOS)

Little Digits combines the traditional idea of counting on your fingers with an animated world full of talking, dancing numbers to teach young children number recognition and build confidence with adding and subtracting using their fingers. This is enhanced by the app’s ability to recognise how many fingers are placed on the screen and use this to show the matching written number. Children can also have a go at a number puzzles designed to build confidence in adding and subtracting using their fingers and the help of the Little Digit monsters.

Little Digits update 2.0

Little Digits

2.0 Update ( read all about it): The app is discounted by 50% if you purchase it from Apple via the Volume Purchase Programme for Education (20 copies or more). Little Digits is a fun educational app that teaches children about numbers by putting a new spin on finger counting.

DragonBox Elements – Geometry (iOS, Android)

DragonBox is a puzzle game that teaches children the fundamentals of geometry without them even realizing. With over 100 levels and a fun range of monsters to guide your children they will quickly become addicted the gameplay. Each level is designed to teach one of the fundamental principles of shapes and angles, giving them a head start at school!

KidECook (iOS, Android)

KidECook is a fun app that allows your children to cook and explore all the fun that the kitchen has to offer but without the mess and the danger. The app offers children access to a fully equipped kitchen full of ingredients and recipes. While at first this appears to be just a simple cooking app for kids to actually offers a number of educational experiences, teaching how to measure ingredients and the basic cooking principles required in a real kitchen. The app can be used as a mathematical tool but also to enthuse children with a love for cooking that they can they take into a real kitchen.

The Magic School Bus Oceans (iOS, Android)

Based on the book ‘The Magic School Bus’ this is an app that will take your children on a journey through an interactive version of the story with the help of Ms Frizzle. The story is presented in comic book style and offers a range of videos, photos, games and science facts along the way. The story allows children to learn about the different plants and animals that live under the sea and engage with them in a way that makes the story come to life.

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