These apps let you plan ahead for a perfect Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2018

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, love is in the air and on the mobile phone. With so much to do for those who wish to take advantage of the romance in terms of planning a date and good evening, mobile apps have emerged as the perfect resource to do so.  As a romantic holiday that could be derailed by lack of planning and preparation, this article discusses the best ones that should be used this Valentine’s Day. Send Flowers (iOS/Android)

One of the greatest gestures that can be made on Valentine’s Day is to send flowers to loved ones. An extremely easy way to do so instead of having to actual purchase and deliver the flowers in person is to use which allows users to select from a wide range of options and then have it sent nearly anywhere. With same-day shipping, the app is perfect for those who want to quickly send their love in the form of beautiful flowers that they can customize or select from a premade bouquet. Given the large selection and combination of different flowers, is able to differentiate itself from competitors in terms of a wider selection and larger customization options. Perfect for any occasion including birthdays to baby showers, 1800Flowers is especially convenient during Valentine’s Day as flowers are one of the most popular gifts for the occasion and can be purchased and delivered without hassle.

Valentines Day Special (Android)

On Valentine’s Day more than any other day, it is especially important to express love and affection. For this reason, Valentine’s Day Special is an app that collects quotes, poems, and other content to send to loved ones. Although a small and simple gesture, sending a note can mean a lot for the receiver especially when the sender is not able to convey their affectionate ideas in their own words. As a simply app, it is highly applicable for Valentine’s Day and even for days when one is looking to send a message beyond their own thoughts to express their love.

SkipTheDishes – Food Delivery (iOS/Android)

Very few people enjoy cooking and even fewer people enjoy cooking on a romantic evening. For this reason, couples are able to forgo the cooking experience altogether and order any meal of their choice and have it delivered in a convenient manner. This is in contract to having to go out for an expensive meal that requires commuting, reservations, and long waits. With so many different restaurants that are able to have food delivered through SkipTheDishes, any meal from most restaurants can be delivered in a matter of minutes. Although there are delivery fees, the app saves users a significant amount of time and trouble when compared to going out to eat. Furthermore, the food does not need to be delivered immediately, but can be made to arrive at a specific delivery time which makes it perfect for a meal after a night out such as on Valentine’s Day.

OpenTable (iOS/Android)

Although going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day can prove to be a greater hassle than usual, it is still a tradition that is popular among many couples. For this reason, reservations may be difficult to get if they are not planned well in advance. With this, OpenTable is one of the best apps available which can help user’s book reservations at over 43,000 restaurants in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, for those who are not able to come up with ideas on what to eat, OpenTable makes a range of suggestions based on preferences and a simple questionnaire. As one of the biggest inconveniences associated with going out for dinner, especially on Valentine’s Day, involves the lack of available tables for couples, OpenTable is a highly recommended app for being able to book a reservation at nearly any restaurant without the hassle.

OpenTable 30Secs

At OpenTable, we love what happens around the restaurant table. We exist to power great dining experiences worldwide. With OpenTable’s free apps, you can discover, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations – anytime, anywhere. Get access to exclusive mobile features, plus reviews, photos, menus, and more. Your next delicious meal is just a tap away.

For this Valentine’s Day, the apps listed in this article are able to enhance the holiday by making various aspects of it easier. From apps which are designed to help send flowers to others that make arrangement for a romantic meal, the ones listed here can significantly enhance the day for couples by streamlining a variety of tasks that would otherwise be inconvenient to do.

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