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Sep 1, 2017
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In a society where being busy is synonymous with productivity, it can be tempting to be always on the move and occupied. However, this notion comes at the cost of spending quality time with those who are important, particularly for friends and family. As a method to capitalize on the free time that someone has, FriendConnect aims to streamline the coordination aspect of coordinating events with those who are important. Whereas other tools integrate calendars only for a single user, the app is one which aggregates the calendars of friends to make organizing social events easier for multiple people.

friendconnect1As a logistical nightmare, organizing an suitable time with others can be a significant issue which poses as a barrier to having the event altogether. FriendConnect integrates calendars for friends in a way that is both easy to understand and acts as a tool which aligns various schedules. To organize the entire process, all that a user is required to do is to sign into Facebook so that their free time can be seen by others who are invited. With access to set when a user is free as well as seeing when friends are free, finding a time when all parties are available is much easier when compared to alternative methods.

Upon opening the app, users are given a walkthrough of setting up a time when they are free and inviting their selected friends who they are interested in spending time with. The invited friends can then go through the same process and then create an event at which point the other users can accept the invitation. Although the nature of the app is extremely simple to grasp, it offers a significantly streamlined solution that is far more efficient than having a conversation regarding available times, especially if the coordination is among a larger group.

friendconnect2While FriendConnect is one of the simplest solutions to use, other tools also exist which are similarly designed to eliminate the barriers of scheduling an event such as email calendars which aggregates work and personal calendars. For example, Outlook combines many other schedules from various accounts which FriendConnect is currently unable to do. However, the alternative tools lack the social integration that FriendConnect offers as it enables others to see exactly when their friends and family are free through an invite. Through this, coordination is much more efficient when it comes to organizing an event with others as opposed to the other tools which make it easy to schedule events for only the sole user.

Given the inefficiencies associated with scheduling events with others, FriendConnect makes it easy to create, share, and invite friends to social gatherings. By showing when everyone has free time, it is significantly easier to spend time with friends and family either through a private or public invitation on Facebook. The degree of simplicity that FriendConnect offers in terms of integration and ease-of-use makes it one of the best tools available for those who often have trouble scheduling events with different people.

Developer: Bharani Mani
Price: Free
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