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Apr 11, 2017

KaKa Camera is taking the third-party mobile photography niche to a new realm of seamless integration and creative flair.

Most generic and OEM camera suites of the smartphone world are bereft of the needed customizability and functionality options that afford smartphone users an opportunity to fully utilize the hardware capabilities of their phones. The inbuilt camera application that ship from phone manufacturers come bundled with the most basic of camera controls/add-ons that often bland and lacklustre. It is on this backdrop that several camera and beauty apps have promulgated the app store in recent times to help fill in the creativity void, created by these essential and most times crude OEM camera applications.[sc name=”quote” text=”The KaKa Camera app features a huge repertoire of camera modifications and unique functionality add-ons presented in a minimalist outlay that is not only aesthetic and alluring but also easy to use.”]

In the bid to design full option replacement camera suites most developers have instead fashioned out highly complex and sophisticated camera modules that are indeed full featured but now lack the needed simplicity and homogeneity to appeal to everyday smartphone users. This holds true for most camera apps found in app stores, and very few have managed to find the thin spot between added functionality and basicity. One of the camera application that has succeeded in juxtaposing simplicity and dynamism is the KaKa Camera.

The KaKa Camera app features a huge repertoire of camera modifications and unique functionality add-ons presented in a minimalist outlay that is not only aesthetic and alluring but also easy to use. This fine-tuned blend of practical, easy to use customizing options make for a camera app that appeals to users who place a premium on perspicuity.

KaKa Camera – Selfie & Filter Cam, Beauty Retouch

Fast and easy-to-use camera app. 500+ real-time filters to use on your selfie, landscape, portrait, Lifestyle, street photo shot and so on. ❤❉Download on App Store:

Unlike other camera applications that only allow customization and editing after the picture has been taken, the KaKa Camera affords users the advantage of implementing photo modifications in real-time, effectively eliminating the waiting time that is apportioned to post picture processing.

Perhaps the most peculiar feature of the KaKa Camera is its vast library and collection of filters that is guaranteed to inject an air of vibe and pizzazz even to the most rudimental and prosaic pictures. This dynamic range of filter options is almost inexhaustible and represents a marked improvement from the often limited filter choices seen in most third party camera applications. Apart from these, the KaKa Camera also hosts the more generic photo editing tools that includes; size adjustment, a cropping tool, an ingenious lens blur algorithm, a beauty camera setting (designed to rid the face of rough spots and blemishes), countdown settings, night mode and a manual autofocus with control point (a derivative feature found in high end DSLR cameras). Bundled with this professional photography styled tool set is the application’s native support for social media integration, meaning that users can directly and conveniently share their photos with friends and family via Facebook Instagram, Twitter, or even WhatsApp; the list is endless.

Developed by Button Software Technology, the KaKa Camera app has just only recently launched but has succeeded in garnering critical acclaim as it is currently featured in the app store of 8 different countries. There is no doubt that with time and improved availability the KaKa Camera app is set to dominate the third party camera application niche.

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