The Games We Enjoyed in 2017

Jan 11, 2018

Gaming has never been better for mobile users. New ingenious apps from a plethora of genres await any gamer looking to play games on the go. The problem is, it’s exceptionally hard to pick a game when you’re looking to not spend any money – there’s so many of them! How do you know which games are worth downloading and playing?

Here are 5 of the best games released on mobile from 2017, to help make the decision a little bit easier.

Nobleman 1896

Nobleman: 1886 is a combination of so many genres that it feels like a complete, $40 PC game. There is so many things to do, so many different styles of gameplay that it makes it impossible to properly attempt to categorize it.

Part strategy, part first person shooter and part turn-based tactical game, Nobleman: 1886 is a game like no other, one that needs to be played to be able to see what mobile games could be given the resources and experience necessary to make an amazing game.

Noblemen: 1896 Review | Appolicious

Noblemen: 1896 is an aspirational game that manages to combine elements of strategy board gaming with third person shooting:

Calculator: The Game

Calculators are supposed to be something that is entirely utilitarian. Besides writing dirty words in your calculator during math class, the only thing you can really do with your calculator is calculus.

Calculator: The Game manages to combine math and a cute calculator character into a surprisingly intense and challenging puzzle game. You try to reach the number shown like an episode of Countdown, all using the limited options made available to you.

Calculator: The Game Review | Appolicious

Calculator: The Game is a maths based puzzle game utilizing a simple calculator UI to reach the desired number:

If you want a way to showcase how mathematically gifted you are and didn’t happen to bring your Rubix cube with you, Calculator: The Game is the perfect way to show off.

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

Crazy Taxi is the traditional “Oh my god, remember THAT game?!” of nostalgic 90’s games. Picking up passengers, challenging yourself to get as high as possible high score and keep playing as long as possible; the whole thing is wonderful.

Crazy Taxi Review

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire brings the classic arcade and Playstation game to the mobile, but somehow manages to mix in mechanics from idlers. Read our review:

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire ties this brilliant game into a management simulator – you don’t get to drive your taxis around, but you hire them and send them to pick up passengers and make money, all to buy more taxis and expand to new cities.

The Offspring blaring through your phone speakers, massive income bonuses and the wonderful art style make this game a nostalgic experience worth remembering.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park is a great cartoon and recently, to the benefit of gamers everywhere, have begun to make games all based around the kids of South Park.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a Card Collecting Game that brings you in as a new kid in their latest game fighting one another in Cowboys and Indians.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Review | Appolicious

South Park: Phone Destroyer is an online strategy card game that seeks to combine South Park humour with a CCG game style:

Like all good CCGs the card variety is excellent, the gameplay is enjoyable and the effects look and sound beautiful. Every part of it is extremely South Park and extremely, extremely good.

Card Thief

Card Thief is a strange game that manages to design a strategic card-based game all focused around breaking into a fortress and stealing the loot, all while avoiding the guards.

The game utilities a strategy of managing your awareness and light which, when combined with the intensity of the music and the ever present fear of being caught by the guards and losing it all, makes Card Thief an experience in suspense and strategy, all with a simple UI and mechanics.

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