The Climb of a Classic: Solitaire Quest

Aug 8, 2016

The soaring popularity and lucrative nature of the mobile gaming industry has prompted a massive flood of apps towards the digital gold rush. With thousands of games being released on the App Store daily, the quality of mobile apps have been on a gradual decline with the release of subpar games closely duplicating existing versions. While all game developers aim to achieve the level of global virality that Pokémon Go or Flappy Birds have reached, few successfully stand out in such a diluted and competitive space. Without the best features, gameplay, or differentiating value, games are regularly buried by dominating developers like Supercell and EA. Given these stringent conditions to building a breakthrough game that achieves viral traction, Solitaire Quest is poised to make an enormous leap in realm of mobile gaming.

With a creative approach to the classical game of solitaire, Solitaire Quest offers a multitude of features that make it highly engaging. The vast majority of solitaire games currently available feature a casino-style table with flat cards that embody minimal variations. Solitaire Quest counters this dullness by distinctly offering unparalleled designs and details that is rarely found in competing card games. Completely free, the app is beautifully hand-crafted with over 300 unique levels centered on an ancient theme including Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and the Acropolis. Opposite to the theme, the artwork is anything but ancient, displaying crisp graphics and dynamic layouts that eliminate the over simplicity of existing solitaire games.

Dismissing the stigma of card games and gambling, Solitaire Quest resembles very little to typical card-playing environments. While the underlying game remains to be solitaire, the incorporation of special powers and magical items transforms the game into a story-like experience that takes the user through a steampunk adventure that is both captivating and easy to follow. To compliment the innovative elements of the game, a tutorial is offered for first-time users as a way of onboarding different aspects of the game such as collecting coins to unlock greater powers as a means to seeing cards that are faced down and eliminating current cards. With clear instructions, the tutorial effectively democratizes the playing experience for novice and expert players alike, simultaneously enhancing the quality of gameplay while reducing any confusion.

Solitaire Quest Trailer

Begin your Solitaire Quest today! Use your solitaire skills and special power-ups as you embark on a round to world to find the lost city of Atlantis… Download on iOS at:…

In the spirit of connectedness, the game also features multiplayer mode which enhances rivalry for those who are competitive, especially when engaged with friends to compare progress and score on each level. This ability to compare scores with others has made the game highly addictive as peers return to game to defend or overtake their opponents score. At the intersection of unique features and the familiar essence of card games, Solitaire Quest introduces a combination of creative designs, layouts, and special elements that make it a must-have for those seeking an innovative twist to a classical game.

Solitaire Quest on the App Store

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