The Best Weight Loss Apps All Healthy Diet Newbies Must Have on their iPhone

Nov 8, 2016

Losing weight is smooth sailing for some, and endless struggle for others. Your decision to embark on the journey of getting rid of a few unnecessary pounds can have many reasons, including a healthy dose of vanity, a special event for which you want to look as sleek as possible, or even health issues which are in no way, shape, or form joke material. Whatever inspired you to change your diet and lifestyle, you deserve all the respect and support in the world, since most people lack the willpower necessary for eliminating the unhealthy habits permeating their lives, especially when it comes to dietary habits. To assist you in the life-altering process of changing up your diet, we’ve collected the two most essential weight loss apps providing all the information and help you need as you tread along the path leading to a sustainably healthy way of life.

FoodPrint™ Diet by Nutrino

To address the elephant in the room right at the start, let us get FoodPrint™ Diet’s price tag out of the way. A 3-month subscription costs 18 dollars, but when your health is on the line, you should look for the best, not the most budget-friendly options, and the professional help the app provides is well worth that amount. With FoodPrint™, you can set out a variety of complex goals beyond the scope of losing weight (such as reducing body fat percentage, staying healthy, and gaining muscle mass) and track your progress by logging, monitoring, and comparing your weekly and daily nutritional and health breakdown so that FoodPrint™ can learn about your lifestyle patterns and see where you need to mix it up or change it up. You can personalize dietary, health, and fitness tips by letting the app know about your health and fitness goals, taste preferences, dietary needs (including special dietary needs), and the amount of exercise you’ve had that day. To put the icing on a strictly carb-free, vegan cake, FoodPrint™ has an Eat Out feature with heaps of healthy suggestions, and also boasts complete diabetes support and full nutrition support for pregnant women.

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

Lauded as the world’s most effective weight loss program, Lose It! requires you to fill out your health profile (or if it’s already done, you can import it from the Health app), based on which you’ll get a personalized weight loss plan. You can set a wide range of goals from nutrient intake through weight loss all the way to hydration, determine your daily dietary budget, and set goals to keep yourself motivated. Lose It! has an extensive database containing over 7 million foods and exercise types, and sports a barcode scanner in case the database fails to deliver the information you need on the grocery you’re about to purchase. With the Insights feature, you can dig deep into your logs and weed out the foods that hinder your progress and learn where your carbs and calories are coming from. Thanks to Lose It!’s high-degree compatibility with other apps, you can connect it to other fitness and health apps in only a few taps. To add a layer of competitiveness, Lose It! offers head-to-head, team, and group-based challenges to give you even more motivation to stay true to your fitness and diet goals. Lose It!’s Premium subscription costs $39.99 per year.


Introducing Snap It by Lose It!. Now, tracking your food is as easy as snapping a picture! Learn more: Get Lose It!:

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker has been the number one Health and Fitness app for 4 straight years, which is well beyond the realm of coincidence. Calorie Counter boasts a food database consisting of over 5,000,000 items from all over the globe, so if you can’t find what you are eating, you might be on another planet. But don’t worry, the barcode scanner might be able to recognize alien delicacies, making sure that you don’t deviate from your meal plan when visiting faraway galaxies. Logging your diet and exercise takes no more than five minutes per day, and in case you’re into cooking, you’ll be delighted to hear that Calorie Counter allows you to import recipes. Insights, personalized goals, and personalized reports provide even more direction on your health-seeking adventure. Calorie Counter’s monthly subscription costs $9.99 per, while for a whole year of calorie counting, you’ll have to shell out $49.99.


As one of the most highly customizable apps tailored towards individual goals, YAZIO accurately tracks and presents various metrics to help users quickly achieve their health objectives. Through this personalized experience, users are able to better track their own progress as opposed to having a cookie-cutter nutrition plan which is not tailored for each person. Further to this, all aspects of a person’s diet are integrated in order to track day-to-day calorie consumption as well as a larger picture of overall consumption habits. This is exemplified with the calorie counter which records the calorie intake from all foods to provide daily reports or overall patterns. Although this process is tedious, it is significantly made easier with a streamlined barcode scanner which only requires a picture of the barcode on the food packaging in order to obtain the nutritional information as opposed to manually entering all of the data. Beyond this, the inputted information is used to track weight and fitness progress in easy-to-understand visuals including graphs and tables. An all-around fitness app, YAZIO is able to accurately record nutritional plans, healthy diets, and track fitness activities so that it factors all the necessary information into the analysis, making it extremely comprehensive as a complete health monitor.

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