The Best Watch Apps All Horology Fanatics Must Have on their iPhone

Mar 16, 2017

Although smart watch sales have skyrocketed in the past couple of years – shout out to the Apple Watch! -, mechanical and quartz timepieces still reign supreme. Smart watches are the embodiments of the hard-to-keep-up-with technological advancement of the new millennium, and are surefire items on the bucket list of any gadget collector, but the moment you experience what it feels like to have a high-end, handcrafted, carefully designed mechanical watch on your wrist, you’ll helplessly fall in love. To put our own, context-respecting twist on a well-known proverb: once you go mech, you never go back. To help you find the watch of your dreams, and to give you a helping hand in expanding your horology knowledge, we’ve put together a compilation of the best iPhone watch apps. Read it now, because time is ticking away!



Chrono24 is the most trusted and most popular global marketplace for luxury watches, boasting an unbelievably varied selection of more than 200,000 watches from over 80 countries. Thanks to several search filters – such as brand, movement, case material, bracelet material, location, and price – you can easily find the timekeeping masterpiece you are looking for, or you can just simply marvel at the many horological wonders of the world when you have time to kill or when you’re in need of some motivation to put extra effort into the strenuous process known as realizing your dreams. After performing a search, you can narrow down the results with additional filters including case diameter, condition, thickness, and bezel material. Moreover, Chrono24 has a newsfeed packed with fresh content, providing instant access to informative posts from the most renowned watch blogs, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the latest watch trends and upcoming releases. To top it all off, Chrono24 offers a Trusted Checkout service, making your purchases smooth, hassle-free, and easy-to-track. Whether you are buying or selling, Chrono24 should be your go-to online watch marketplace.



With its sleek, minimalist design, Watchville, to a certain extent, reminds us of the luxury watch that Benedict Plumberpatch Cumberbatch rocked in Dr. Strange. Of course, this timepiece-centric iPhone app has much more to offer to horology enthusiasts than good looks, delivering preselected watch news and articles from the most sought-after watch blogs on the Interwebs. Watchville becomes more than a glorified newsfeed via a set of tools tailor-made for watch collectors such as an atomic clock and a moon phase setter.

8past10 – The Social Network for Watch Lovers!


Et tu, Brute? As you can see, now there’s a social network dedicated to watch fanatics – not that it’s a bad thing, especially because 8past10 provides an easy way for timepiece enthusiasts to connect with likeminded people. The horology-focused social network specializes in three major activities which will ring familiar to anyone who’s ever used, for instance, that thing called Facebook: sharing, engaging, and exploring. In 8past10, you can share your best wrist shots (also known as the horologist’s selfie) with your followers, follow fellow timepiece connoisseurs to see what they are up to, create an astonishing “Favorite Watches” collection containing your most beloved watches using your own photos and other users’ pics, and take part in discussions. When you come across something you like, you can show your appreciation in three ways: “Like”, “Love”, and “Grail”. “Grail” indicates utmost respect and appreciation, so when you “grail” a watch, it immediately catapults the given timepiece into your “Favorite Watches” album. As for exploring, 8past10 serves handpicked content from a variety of bloggers on a silver platter, and also comes equipped with a “Discover” feed, which brings you trending posts, discussions, and articles. – the social network for watch lovers

Checking the 8past10 app for daily uploads, discussions and articles. Download it now in app-store or sign up via 📲💻 #8past10

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