The Best To-Do List Apps All Avid List Makers and Busy People Must Have on their iPhone

Nov 30, 2016

You know you’ve arrived when you have no choice but to start making to-do-lists! Or maybe you just have way too much on your shoulder. We kid, we kid, especially because to-do-lists should not be made fun of, as they provide priceless assistance in navigating heavy workloads and busy schedules, reminding us of looming deadlines most of us are prone to forget.

One of the most common and most logical reasons for using a to-do list and task manager app is the urge to simplify your life and to get a better outlook on the tasks you must soon attend to, which consequently means that you expect the to-do list app to be as simple and as easy-to-use as possible. Based on the latter fact, we believe that you’ll be delighted to hear that while cherry-picking the apps introduced in our to-do list and task manager compilation, we have paid extra attention to selecting the most user-friendly apps the App Store has to offer. Happy listing, folks!

Wunderlist – To-Do List and Tasks

Lauded by many as the best to-do list and task manager application in the world, Wunderlist is a multifaceted app that will come in handy in a variety of situations ranging from tasks as simple as grocery shopping to the most complex work-related projects. With Wunderlist, you can manage your to-dos on multiple platforms, set reminders for crucial deadlines, use notes, files, subtasks, and comments to add instrumental details to your projects, and of course share these projects with anyone that’s involved in the task at hand.

Wunderlist for Android – The home of the world’s lists

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Remember the Milk

With its features galore, Remember the Milk helps your remember much more than getting a gallon of milk from the grocery store. The free-to-use version of Remember the Milk offers exactly what you expect from a to-do list and task manager app: reminders via several platforms (email, text, IMessage, Twitter), list sharing, synchronization on multiple devices, and organizing tasks according to priorities and due dates. By purchasing Remember the Milk’s Pro Subscription for $39.99 per annum, you’ll get access to more advanced features such as subtasks, unlimited sharing, advanced sorting, unlimited storage, and on-device reminders.

Clear – Tasks, Reminders, and To-Do Lists

Clear prides itself as a revolutionary to-do list and task manager app that is not only easy to use thanks to its intuitive and innovative gesture-based design, but also leads to a higher level of productivity. While it is true that Clear brought something entirely new to the to-do list table, the hand gestures and swipes you have to employ to navigate Clear leaves a stain on an otherwise flawless user experience, as this nonetheless unique interface complicates the very thing it should be simplifying. Regarding Clear’s features, it syncs on multiple devices, allows you to set up separate lists to manage different aspects of your life, personalize these lists with themes, and set reminders for the deadlines and events you deem the most important.


Todoist is one of the most well-known names in the to-do list and task manager business, and in case you’re looking for a basic app to keep your life in order, Todoist should be your go-to download. Some user reviews have mercilessly bashed Todoist’s free version, claiming that it’s basically not good for anything – we definitely wouldn’t go that far, and since happiness is a function of your expectations, it all depends on what you expect from Todoist. It does everything a free to-do list and task manager app should be able to do: organize and prioritize tasks, assign due dates, and share your projects with the people involved in them. If you’re looking to manage more complex tasks, you will certainly have a hard time trying to do so with Todoist’s free version, and will have no other choice but to shell out $28.99 for the Premium plan, but such is life.

Todoist for Android’s Material Design Update

Todoist for Android goes from grey and utilitarian to colorful and jubilant with its brand new Material design makeover. The update is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom overhaul that makes Todoist for Android more beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use than ever before.

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