The Best Games All Soccer Fanatics Must Have on Their iPhone

Oct 31, 2016

Being a soccer fanatic is much, much more than a hobby: it is a way of life. You follow your favorite team 24/7 by keeping yourself updated with apps like Bleacher Report Team Stream. You watch all their games, rooting for their victory with the same relentless intensity and blind devotion that stirred up your soul when you saw them play for the very first time. You stick with them through tough times, and in even in defeat, you applaud their effort and know that they’ll come back even stronger the next time around. There is no video game in the world that is able to deliver the same thrill that being there at the stadium and watching your favorite team live delivers, but you can still live out your soccer fanaticism on your iPhone with these fun soccer games.

Online Head Ball

Yup, you read that right. Yup, you guessed that right, this game is exactly what you think it is: the heads of the world’s most famous football players pitted against each other in one-on-one battles. The majority of Online Head Ball’s game modes are online-based and consist of you battling it out with one of the 10 million players in daily seasons and in special rooms. Finishing with the most points in a daily season will earn you precious in-game rewards, while 10 distinctively different superpowers will give you an advantage over your opponents – though the superpowers in themselves will not propel you to victory, it is up to you to find the winning strategy. In Online Head Ball’s offline mode, you can complete objective-based matches and earn gold you can spend on player customization, which includes crazy outfits and accessories to spruce up your beloved head.

Online Head Ball – Trailer

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Score! World Goals

Score! World Goals is a real classic in the soccer genre. It amassed more than 15 million downloads, and has been the number one game in over 80 countries, and the number one sports game in over 115 countries. Score! World Goals is a unique football-based puzzle game in which you can recreate more than 1,000 famous goals from all over the world. Motion-captured animations deliver outstanding graphics, an intuitive, swipe-based gameplay system allows you to pass, shoot, cross, and score spectacular top-corner goals, while the authentic commentary makes it feel like as if you were watching the events unfold live.

Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is a surprisingly fun table soccer game with outstanding longevity due to an enjoyable gameplay and the manifold challenges that your online opponents pose. The simple gameplay boasts great physics which pull off the feat of being realistic and spectacularly arcade-like at the same time. The different tiers available online allow you to match up against opponents with skillsets akin to yours, while the offline game mode gives you the chance to challenge your friends to a game of Soccer Stars via your Facebook account.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is an award-winning sports RPG classic in which you start out as a 16-year-old prospect showing great promise. The objective is to navigate the labyrinth that is a football career leading to superstardom. You have to fine-tune your skills, manage your relationships by keeping your teammates, your coach, and your sponsors happy, make tough decisions, and you can also explore the dark side of the good life by risking your earnings in casinos and stoop to now lows by accepting bribes.

New Star Soccer iOS/Android

Try it for free in your browser: iOS: Android: PC/Mac: New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life of an up-and-coming superstar. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy.

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