The Best Flight Tracker Apps for Your Smartphone

Apr 6, 2018

Planning a holiday, picking someone up from the airport, or simply just love fights, there are now a wide variety of apps on the market that allow you to track flights.

It is now possible to know when a plane has landed, the second it touches down, with the help of flight tracker apps you will find yourself knowing more about the flight than the people one it.

Below are five apps for all your flight tracking needs:

Flight Aware Flight Tracker (iOS, Android)

A great free fight tracking app, Flight Aware allows you to track flights in real time for commercial flights worldwide, as well as private planes in the US and Canada. Whether you’re tracking a friend’s flight, in order to avoid a long wait at the airport or just happen to be someone that is passionate about aviation, you will find this app useful. You can easily search for flights using a number of different options, including, route, airline and flight number. There is also a neat map view, where you can see all of the planes currently flying over your current location, just in case you’ve ever wondered what is happening 30,000 feet above your head.

Planes Live (iOS)

Planes Live is another free app that makes it easier than ever to track flights, on real-time maps. With Planes Live you can access the current status of flights worldwide and even watch as your friend’s flight comes into land. Planes Live has a few extra features that you wouldn’t expect from a free app, that really make it stand out. Firstly, you can access detailed information about future flights and the aircraft, including pictures and the planes main features, which is something that can be extremely useful when trying to choose a seat. Secondly, Planes Live have included weather forecasts, making it easier than ever before to check out the weather at your destination.

Flight Stats (iOS, Android)

Flight Stats is a brilliant app that does its job well and is super easy to use. It is quick and simple to search for flights, even in those annoying cases when you’ve been asked to pick someone up from the airport but been given almost no flight information, as long as you know the two cities being flown between you’ll be able to find the flight you’re looking for. The tracking information provided includes even the smallest of details, such as the planes current speed and altitude. Flight Stats also makes the most of some of Apple’s more recent features including the ability to search for flights directly from your home screen with 3D touch and compatibility with Apple Watch, meaning you can check your flight status from your wrist.

Flightradar 24 (iOS, Android)

With Flightradar24 you can turn your iPad into a real time flight tracking map that allows you to see every plane that is currently in the sky. This is the perfect app for aviation lovers who enjoying tracking different flights and always knowing what is in the sky above their very head. By pointing your iPad or even phone at the sky Flightradar24 will tell you exactly what is in the sky above you at that moment and provide you with all the information you could dream of concerning the aircraft, including pictures. Flightradar24 doesn’t stop there, you can also see the pilot’s current view, access historical information about the flight and watch playback of past flights.

The Flight Tracker Free (Android)

The Flight Tracker Free is an app that does everything it claims in the name, allowing you access to in-depth information about your upcoming flights and the ability to receive instant notifications of any changes. Whether you’re picking someone up from the airport or flying yourself, this is a useful app to have on your phone, providing you with all of the information you need to get through the airport, including gate updates and automatic layover calculations.

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