The Best Classic Games on Mobile (Part 1) – The 80’s Invasion! Pacman, Tetris, Pong, OH MY!

Aug 1, 2019

While games are more lifelike than ever in terms of graphics, speeds, and even virtual reality, many classical games still resonate with us. Now, many of those games have made the leap to mobile so that we take them on and play them wherever. With so many available, we’ve got two lists of great titles […]

While games are more lifelike than ever in terms of graphics, speeds, and even virtual reality, many classical games still resonate with us. Now, many of those games have made the leap to mobile so that we take them on and play them wherever. With so many available, we’ve got two lists of great titles to choose from. Here’s our first round of picks for the best, most timeless games of yesteryear.

Pacman (iOS/Android)

One of the most well-known games available is Pacman which originally was created decades ago. Although the game is old, it is still one the most iconic and widely recognized games available that has been made into a mobile app. The premise of the game is for players to navigate a variety of maps to collect dots while simultaneously avoiding the ghosts that maneuver to get them. Although the game sounds easy to play, various levels of difficulty provide an endless amount of entertainment value that includes different speeds at which the ghosts can travel as well as more complex mazes to navigate. Despite the fact that traditional controls of Pacman include a joystick and a dedicated screen, the buttons to navigate on the mobile devices do not impact the playing experience. As one of the iconic games to exist, Pacman is an extremely popular classic game that has successfully transitioned into the mobile space.

Pong (iOS/Android)

One of the first digital games to ever be created, Pong, is extremely simple in nature to understand and play. All that is required from the player is to navigate a paddle to stop the ball from being scored. With no particular ability to defend or attack, the only place for the battle to go is from the top of the screen to the bottom. Furthermore, the enemy can only do the same which can make for a very mundane game. As the app has been transitioned into a mobile app, the latest version of Pong has evolved to encompass a significant amount of animations and visual effects that make it extremely captivating. With different backgrounds, coins, and various levels that differ in difficulty, Pong more closely resembles a high-intensity arcade game which is unrelated to the original.

Tetris (iOS/Android)

Derived from the original Tetris, the mobile version has several unique modes that enhance the playing experience for its users. While the original Tetris is quite simple with single player mode and no additional features, the latest version has multiplayer settings where players can battle each other and add lines to their opponents screen by completing combos. This is one of the most captivating features of Tetris which allows for a competitive environment where players can challenge each other from around the world for points and a place on the leaderboard whereas the original version only had a single player. Furthermore, with so many different levels, players can expect an endless amount of entertainment that progresses in difficulty so that those who are new and veterans to Tetris can play at their respective levels. Integrating colors, streaks, stats, and new animations, the app is one that has made significant strides since its inception in 1984.

The Invaders (iOS/Android)

A retro-style game that is familiar to many and has gained a large user base in the realm of mobile apps is Space Invaders which involves shooting aliens that are aligned in a series of rows and columns before they get to the player. Although an old game, its iconic image of the aliens still keeps its charm and even the interface of the app closely mimics the original controls with the two navigation buttons and a shooting button. Furthermore, surrounding the screen is an arcade-style cabinet to maintain the feeling of playing in an older arcade and even showcases the slot where coins would have been inserted. Simple to understand and play, there has been few innovations added to the game apart from various levels and achievement, The Invaders is a game that can bring back a lot of memory for those who played it at arcades.

Basketball Arcade Game (iOS/Android)

A classic at many arcades is not an electronic game, but rather a physical one with a miniature basketball setup. Although the game is replicated in an electronic fashion on the mobile devices, it is one that is extremely fun to play. Instead of throwing a basketball as with actual arcades, the mobile version requires users to flick the ball into the hoop to earn points. While this may sound repetitive and quickly lose its novelty as an arcade game, what makes it captivating is the fact that users are able to play different game modes such as classic or time-challenges. With this, users can select different challenges that they must face in order to continue playing. One of the best aspects of the game is that users are able to compete with others in terms of high score and also unlock more achievements as they play, making it a classic game that has successfully transferred to the mobile space.

Bubble Shooter (iOS/Android)

With the goal of shooting bubbles of the same color together to eliminate the bubbles before the timer runs out, Bubble Shooter is recognized as one of the oldest games to go through a vast number of iterations and innovations. Given the number of available combinations and designs that can be made from the bubbles as well as the variety of game modes to include classic, arcade, and levels, an endless amount of entertainment can be derived from the simple game. Bubble Shooter also brings new elements to the traditional game such as power ups that enhance the playing experience after a user has accumulated enough coins. Players can earn coins by completing different levels at which point the coins can be used to purchase bombs or fireballs, giving the players an advantage. With these new features added to Bubble Shooter, it is a classical game that has undergone some major innovations.


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