The Best Basic YouTube Apps All Video Fanatics and Aspiring Vloggers Must Have on their iPhone

Oct 22, 2016
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As part of its natural evolution, YouTube has become much more than an endless source of cat videos. It has become a multifaceted platform allowing you to listen to or watch your favorite podcasts, watch movies, watch video reviews of all the products you can think of, watch educational videos and step-by-step tutorials, watch live broadcasts of a wide range of events, and get hooked on the content provided by your favorite video bloggers. For many people, YouTube serves as a source of income, and for businesses, it is a powerful and effective marketing tool capable of engaging audiences worldwide. To get the most out of the YouTube experience, and perhaps assist you in starting out on your video blogging career, we have put together a mini-compilation of the best and most basic YouTube apps you must have on your iPhone or iPad.

ProTube for YouTube

YouTube squared – meaning it offers the same features as YouTube, but in a more advanced way, eliminating the most irritating faults of the world’s most popular video sharing platform. Have you ever listened to a podcast, a vlog, or an album on your way to work, got an e-mail or maybe a message on Facebook, wanted to reply, and had to switch to the e-mail management app or Messenger, and thus quit YouTube and temporarily interrupt the listening experience, as YouTube does not support background playback? Well, that annoyance – which, before we forget, includes unintentional screen locks – is no more, because ProTube supports background playback, and, talking of podcasts, vlogs, and music, it allows high-quality audio-only playback, which equals low bandwidth usage. ProTube blocks even the most mischievous pop ups and ads, and lets you watch videos blocked on mobile devices. ProTube also delivers ever-important customization options, including your preferred playback quality, homepage, autoplay settings, and many more. ProTube has a price tag of $2.99, which is comical in light of the app’s useful features extensively more advance and user-friendly than that of YouTube.

ProTube Extension 2.1 Download Acceleration Demonstration

This video demonstrates the new download acceleration in ProTube Extension for YouTube version 2.1. The download speeds of version 2.0.3 (iPhone on the left) and 2.1 (iPhone on the right) are compared in this video, and as you can see the download acceleration gives you up to 4x faster downloads than without!

YT Count – Track Your Subscribers Real-Time!

For YouTubers, subscribers mean everything, and if you’re seriously considering becoming a vlogger with money-making aspirations, YT Count is a great, simple-to-use statistics app to set off on your YouTuber adventure with. YT Count not only keeps track of the number of your subscribers, it allows you to follow multiple channels and watch how the number of their subscribers fluctuate in real-time, and get live notifications with the YT Count Widget.

YouTube Capture

Brought to you by Google, YouTube Capture is an easy-to-use tool to create spectacular movies on the go. The process is simple: start recording, edit your video then share it with your followers! With YouTube capture, you can stitch together as many clips as you like, providing an awesome storytelling device, trim and rearrange clips, and add a soundtrack to your video from your own music library or YouTube’s audio library. To top it off, YouTube Capture has a pair of basic touch-up features, stabilization and color correction.


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