Steamboat Killy – Bendy Nightmare Run Review

Oct 29, 2018

Can Bendy outrun sluggish controls to deliver a great infinite runner?

Bendy & The Ink Machine is an odd choice for a mobile game spin-off. The original was an episodic horror game that’s basically ‘What if you combined Mickey Mouse with Five Nights at Freddy’s” and this… really isn’t. This is actually so much closer to Super Mario that one can’t help but shake the feeling the reason we’re seeing Bendy on the cover is thanks to the franchise’s charmingly retro art style in the vein of classic cartoons and Cuphead. Fortunately, that’s totally worth it because my gosh this game looks good and has way more depth than it deserves for being such an out of left-field tie-in.

All together, Bendy Run makes for a surprisingly deep and challenging experience

In essence, Bendy Run is what happens when Infinity Blade‘s boss design has a baby with Temple Run‘s infinite race to the finish line. Then you lather some Super Mario-esque jumping along with a variety of enemies and multiple ‘films’ to unlock and play through. All together, Bendy Run makes for a surprisingly deep and challenging experience. So much so, you’ll find yourself wishing for some proper controls. My touchscreen sometimes struggled to keep up with the fine-tuned responses some sections needed.

Bendy Nightmare Run Review

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If you can dig this challenge, Bendy Run has plenty of content to offer

This isn’t to say Bendy Run is unplayable, but instead, intense. It’s a well crafted experience but the sheer speed of everything proved a bit much at times. You can ground stomp on enemies, leap and move between three rows, and toss weapons, and that’s just your abilities. Hazards on the road, flying enemies that require jumping and tossing a weapon at the same time, and more can all push your fingers to the limit.

If you can dig this challenge, Bendy Run has plenty of content to offer. There’s cans of meat to collect that unlock additional powers and new films to test yourself against, on top of multiple challenges to complete per-stage. If you do want a slight edge, the game gives you bonus health for watching ads before starting a level, which in a rare case, I have to recommend you do when starting out.

In essence, Bendy Run is what happens when Infinity Blade's boss design has a baby with Temple Run's infinite race to the finish line

That’s the hard part with Bendy Run – I’m not sure whether to give it a low score due to how demanding it is, or praise it for offering such a deep experience in a genre packed with emptier titles. The fact it’s free also makes the steep start a little more reasonable. I do think it could refined a bit more though, but given it’s still receiving support, maybe that’s on the horizon?

Our Rating

An infinite runner/platformer with a bit more to offer but a tense learning curve.Not for those easily flustered with touch-screen controls.
Bendy™ in Nightmare Run
Bendy™ in Nightmare Run
Price: Free+
Bendy in Nightmare Run
Bendy in Nightmare Run
Price: Free+
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