Sleepy Apps for Little Eyes

Jun 1, 2018

We can all relate to that feeling when you just want a long night of quality sleep but it doesn’t matter what you try you just can’t fall sleep, it can be even worse for children being told that it’s bedtime and they need to fall asleep.

The good news there are a number of amazing apps that have been designed for just this situation, even when your child has just been bouncing of the walls with excitement from a new toy and it seems impossible that they will ever fall asleep.

Below are five apps designed especially to help your kids fall asleep:

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories (iOS, Android)

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories are a new way for your children to enjoy their bedtime story and fall asleep with the help of adorable Moshi monsters. These soothing stories have been designed especially for bedtime and follow the natural pattern of sleep, starting with an exciting introduction to draw in attention and slowing in rhythm with dreamy melodies and comforting bedtime themes. Even the ascetics of the app have been designed with sleep in mind with beautiful night-time scenes that will even make adults feel peaceful and sleepy.  Moshi update their app with new content every week giving your little Moshi monsters new stories to look forward to every week.

Children’s Bedtime Meditations (iOS, Android)

Children’s Bedtime Meditations is just the app after a busy day full of fun and excitement, helping to calm young children and process the day ready for the land of nod. The app features a variety of meditation stories meaning there is something for children of all ages and personalities. Each story features subtle calming sound effects and gentle music designed to create a relaxing atmosphere, combined with the calming narrator’s voice children will feel content, relaxed and ready for a good quality night’s sleep.

Headspace (iOS, Android)

Headspace has become a popular app among adults over the last few years who want to practice mindfulness and add a little calm to what can sometimes feel like an extremely stressful society and Headspace has now added a kids section to their app. Headspace have designed different visitation and breathing exercises for different age groups starting with five and under and going up to nine to twelve. These exercises are a perfect way to bring your child back down after a busy and exciting day, making it easier for them to settle and fall asleep with ease. Each exercise is led by a friendly cartoon character making mindfulness fun and something that kids will quickly start to look forward to every evening.

Sleep Hero (iOS)

Designed by a father of three, who understands just how challenging night-time’s can be for households with young children, Sleep Hero really is a true hero for both kids and parents. Sleep Hero is a noise activated app that will play soothing sounds at just the right time to help children fall asleep or even back to sleep, ensuring that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Parents can record their own voices either reading a story or singing a lullaby, perfect for those nights when you just can’t make it home in time for bedtime. If you happen to have a smart phone projector you can even play a looped video on the ceiling to help gently send little minds off to sleep. Sleep Hero really has everything covered and even comes with a built in sticker chart to reward older children for a good night’s sleep.

Nighty Night (iOS, Android)

Nighty Night has become one of the most popular bedtime story apps on the app story, designed to help calm and relax children after a busy day, while at the same time engaging them with interactive stories that make falling asleep fun. Nighty Night features lullaby music and calming narration voices perfect for falling asleep to. With thirteen different interactive animals and two different seasons children never fail to be entertained by Nighty Night. With Nighty Night children won’t even realize they are falling asleep as they watch the animals in the story drift off to sleep themselves.
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