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Jan 22, 2018
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Sending and sharing location between different people can be important for both family and friends. For example, being able to track where family members such as children are can add an extra sense of security whereas sending location to friends can be important for letting them know how much longer someone is until they reach a particular destination. As a result, this article discusses ways in which mobile phone users are able to share their location with others.

For iPhone users, sending and sharing location can be extremely easy as this feature is integrated into commonly used apps such as Messenger. In order to send the location, users need to simply click on the contact that they want to send the location to in the Messenger app, details in the top right hand corner, and then Send My Current Location. In doing so, the recipients are able to get an update of where the user is geographically. Another feature that can be accessed with the same method is choosing the duration which the user would like to have their location known. This is highly applicable if users want to only share certain details with a specific number of people. For example, if a parent were monitoring the location of their children, they would be able to get up-to-the-minute access to where their child is at all times whereas with friends, only the current location is known and not at any other time in the future. To toggle this setting, users go through the same process as before except this time, users choose “Share My Location” and then choose the time period at which point the location sharing stops.

For Android users, the method of sharing location is similar to that of the iPhone. For example, using apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp, users are able to send their location to others. However, a limitation associated with this version of sending location is that users are not able to choose specific duration of sharing and can only share the status in real time. However, users are able to somewhat mask their actual location by choosing a nearby location to send as their own instead of sending their true location.

On both iOS and Android, users are able to share their location using the Maps app by going into the app, turning on location services, and then selecting the option to share the location with others. Users are able to select who gets the information and the duration of the sharing time.

Although the ability to share locations is one that is highly useful for a range of purposes, it is important to be sure who the location is being shared with and for how long. If used correctly, this feature can be significantly helpful in ensuring that users know the location of their children or to send the location to relevant people who need to have access to the information without hassle.

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