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May 16, 2018

Its spring and while for most of us that bring images of bunnies and bright colored flowers to mind for others it means exam season and revision.

Revision doesn’t have to be all about sitting into front textbooks and right essays for hours on end though it can be fun with the help of revision and study apps.

Below are five apps to make your revision easier:

Quizlet Flashcards (iOS, Android)

Flashcards are most people’s number one go to revision tool, they’re quick and super simple to make and can be used to learn you during the learning process but are also perfect for calming your nerves while waiting outside the exam hall. With Quizlet you can make all the flashcards you could ever need, no more running to the store to buy an extra pack of flashcards, no more carrying packs of cards around with you for months weighing your bag down. With Quizlet you have all of your flashcards with you all of the time, making revision easier than ever before. You can easily test yourself and race against the clock to see just how ready you are for your upcoming exams. Quizlet also offers a few super cool features that just wouldn’t be possible with paper flashcards, the ability to share your cards with friends and have you cards read to you, perfect for revising in the shower and on the move.

Learn Thru Music (Android)

Learn Thru Music takes a very different and fun approach to revision, learn all the content you need to ace your exams by listening to music, sounds like most teenagers dream and the best part is it actually works. Research has shown that we remember information much better when it comes with a catchy tune and Learn Thru Music has now made it possible to revise the most common subjects taught in schools this way. You can choose the style of music that best suits you from hip-hop to reggae, select your topic and you’re ready to start learning and who ever said revision wasn’t fun?

Exam Countdown (iOS, Android)

Countdown apps have become extremely popular over the last few years, we’re all counting down to something whether it be a holiday, pay day or the end of exam season so you can kick back and enjoy the freedom of summer. With Exam Countdown you can set countdowns for all of your exams, not just does this help you see the light at the end of the tunnel but also acts as a reminder and calendar service all rolled into one. You can color code your exams to help you see how much time you have between math papers 1 and 2 and plan your revision accordingly. You can also add stickers to each countdown just to make exams a little more exciting.

Gojimo (iOS, Android)

If you are revising for your upcoming GCSE or A Level exams then Gojimo is a must have app on your phone and will quickly become your new best friend, at least until the end of June anyway. Gojimo has you covered in every subject tested in British schools, with quick and easy to read notes to refresh your mind on those tough topics. Gojimo also contains fun quizzes of various lengths so that you can test exactly what you know and easily find out which topics you need to give a little more attention. Gojimo understands that exam season can be tough on your social life and to make this a little easier has included the ability to add friends and share your quiz scores because we all work best when trying to beat our friends, right.

iMind Maps (iOS)

Mind maps are a great way to clearly see everything that you need to remember for an exam, especially when planning essays and with the help of IMind Maps you now have all the tools you need to create mind maps on your phone or tablet, making it easier than ever to revise while on the move. iMind Maps comes with templates to help you get started and a library full of images to liven up your revision in a way that you never could with mind maps on paper.  You can organize your revision notes into different folders and even sync your files with all your devices making it easy to switch to your computer when you get home. With iMind Maps you can easily fit a quick revision session in while waiting for a bus or even just waiting for the kettle to boil.

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