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Sep 29, 2016

Where words fail to convey the full breadth of messages, emojis and other graphics such as gifs and videos are utilized to emphasis meaning and emotions. The growth of these image-based communication methods have prompted a massive influx of different variation of emojis to include those based around cartoons, magic, and even other people.

While the use of stickers and images are not new, one notable app aimed at capitalizing on the increasing popularity of picturized messages is Raptoonz, offering stickers based on various rappers to either covey thoughts where words simply cannot or add interesting visuals to accompany text.

The app allows users to send stickers of their favourite rappers such as Eminem, Dr Dre, Twista, and a host of other rappers to iMessages and other chatting platforms to make it significantly more interesting to communicate. While the majority of other texters are expressing their mood and communicating using the stock emojis that are available on their device, Raptoonz is able to offer differentiation from the masses as the only sticker-based messaging service to offer rappers. As rap music is often not intended to be listened to by younger children, initial views on the app may deem it be inappropriate for children and deter the purchase of the app. However, despite being an app that revolves around rappers, its target market is primarily the youth and young-adults demographic while the use of the stickers is appropriate for a wide range of age groups as there is nothing explicitly harmful about the stickers themselves.

One of the most popular stickers used from the app, the Kanye West sticker, has the caveat of potentially to causing confusion as an emotional indicator. As Kanye West is constantly on the news for media stunts or publicity attempts, the nature of his character is recognized to be anywhere between brutish, rash, and even pleasant at times. To use his sticker as a way to expressing mood would be ambiguous as it does not explicitly show his emotion as stock emojis do. Despite this, the stickers are still pleasant to use and the different interpretations that can arise as result of various rappers adds to the fun. This open interpretation significantly differentiates the app from the use of stock emojis as the clear displays of emotion found on the regular emojis and stickers immediately makes the intentions of the message sender known, from happy, to sad, to frustrated.

Available for a one-time purchase of $0.99 USD on the App Store, Raptoonz offers a wide range of rappers to use as messages and is likely to increase their inventory in the future with further updates and a growing list of rapper stickers. While not appropriate for use in all circumstances, the app is able to incorporate rap with everyday messaging between users. Despite there being many alternatives available for additional stickers beyond the stock versions, the introduction of Raptoonz enhances the messaging experience for those who are familiar with the rap industry and the main characters within it.

Oh, Raptoonz made me want to listen to music again.

Raptoonz – Kodak Black, Drake, Lil Yachty iMessage Sticker’s

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