PurpleSlate introduces text-based invitations to make social gatherings easy

Feb 3, 2017

There is always a reason to celebrate with friends and family, and getting together in the real world with them should be easy enough. However it can quickly become a frustrating process to organize such social gatherings when existing solutions like evites quite often land in the guests’ spam folders or get ignored, or blasting personal events over the entire social network on Facebook goes unnoticed, or doing endless group texting back and forth becomes cumbersome, simply due to lack of any other options.

PurpleSlateAnd this is where the PurpleSlate mission began, with a vision to simplify a very basic human need – a need to get together with friends and family in the real world easily. After significant market testing and research, PurpleSlate launched, with an aim to reinvent the traditional event invitation models with mobile-first invitations that are fast, fun and effortless. PurpleSlate makes getting together easy with personalized mobile invites and real time RSVPs via their platform that comprises of text messaging, mobile web and mobile apps. With a focus on efficiency, community and privacy, PurpleSlate is built on the idea that less is more, allowing users to quickly and easily create events by inviting any number of guests right from their phone’s contacts in seconds via text messaging.
It also has interactive features such as photo/video/audio sharing with guests, photo editor and chat. Their mission is to simplify this act of organizing a party or event with people who matter in our lives with technology so that their users can do more in the real world, as that’s what matters most to all of us. Therefore the app allows users to send personalized invitations to contacts on the phone in a few taps via text messaging, get real time RSVPs, interact with guests before an event, and share memories long after, privately and right from their mobile device. The app is free and the memories are for the users to keep.

Guests can view their invite, see the event details via mobile wed and MMS, and send their RSVP via text message replies, without having to download any app.

Not only do they plan to simplify the host experience, but also elevate the guests’ experience when they are a part of an event. Guests can view their invite, see the event details via mobile wed and MMS, and send their RSVP via text message replies, without having to download any app. This was key to making it easy and effortless for the guests to interact and RSVP to the event, without having to download yet another app on their phone. However, if guests choose to download PurpleSlate they will have access to a host of other interactive features such as event based message/photo/video/audio sharing, photo editor, private/group chat, the ability to calendarize events and set reminders, etc.

App preview video

App Preview video showcasing app features like Personalized invites with a few taps on the phone, Real time RSVPs, Edit Photos, Share Photos/Videos, etc and Chat.

The apps have been available on the App and Play Stores and users have been discovering the app organically from across United States and abroad. The team at PurpleSlate have celebrated a lot of events with their users, from birthdays to farewell parties, baby showers to engagements, seeing almost 2x RSVP rates than the traditional platforms. And they are looking forward to celebrating a lot more!

Text Invite Maker: PurpleSlate
Text Invite Maker: PurpleSlate
Price: Free+
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