Pro Zombie Soccer, where the goal is to survive

Jan 26, 2011

Another popular genre that can be found all over the App Store is the castle defense type. These games challenge you to fend off growing waves of enemies with various weapons and power-ups. While Pro Zombie Soccer does not involve any castles, it definitely requires plenty of defense to stay alive.

You are caught in an apocalyptic world as a homeless soccer player confronted by zombies. You’ve been bit and now it’s up to your newfound soccer skills to keep yourself alive.

The game plays a little bit like a sideways Bust-a-Move where you tilt your player and fire off ball after ball into the waves of zombies. Each zombie has its strengths and weakness which will require different ways to take down. Your player is given power-ups to help deal with the overwhelming odds and they always seemed to come at the exact moment when I needed them.

Pro Zombie Soccer Launch Trailer

Now on the Apple Store! Pro Zombie Soccer by “Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team” Visit & for full info. Music & Sound Design: Jorge & Guillermo Badolato

Overall, the game is fun and definitely worth a grab, though I could see it getting old after a couple hours of playing it. Check it out.

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