Pokemon Duel: Pokemons on the Board

Mar 31, 2017

Have you ever wondered what you would get if you combined chess with Pokemon? I’m sure you haven’t but for the few that have pondered that specifically odd thought, no need to wonder any more because there is an app for that.

Pokemon Duel is an easy to pick up little board game that focuses on the Pokemon figure game. The game has a simple goal despite its complicated look, you need to get one of your pieces to the goal at the other side of the board to win. Be warned though, if you are looking for a more traditional Pokemon game, this is not the game you would be looking for.

Pokemon Duel Review | Appolicious

Have you ever wondered what you would get if you combined chess with Pokemon? Read our review on Pokemon Duel: https://appolicious.com/pokemon-duel-pokemons-on-the-board/

Although, like the other Pokemon games that have been released on the Play Store (Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Go) this offers a refreshing change of pace from what has come before. The gameplay will consist mostly of online matches so beware if data is at a premium for you. Fortunately, the matches are pretty short and can be played with a few taps from your preferred phone tapping digit. As you play more you’ll either gain or lose ranking depending on the outcome of the matches.

In the game you will have to unlock new Pokemons randomly in packs you pay for with in game currency. Because of how the game is set up, the player that may have more Pokemon or may have put more time put into the game is not guaranteed to always win, making it a fairly level online game for all it’s players. If you’ve ever played an online game recently you may appreciate this fact.

Pokemon Duel may not have the staying power as it’s predecessor, but it brings enough of a change to be its own thing and not needing to rely on the original games. For fans of the series this will be a nice experience and for newcomers it will act as a decent introduction. Pokemon Duel will prove to be an excellent addition to your app collection for it’s charm and fun that it can offer the players.

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