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Nov 27, 2017

Given the increase in popularity for user-driven games where players are able to significantly alter the interface and control how the characters achieve their objectives such as with LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft, having a high degree of flexibility is something that is evidently desired by many gamers. As a result, developers have now shifted their focus towards enabling players to have more control over the paths and methods to achieving a goal. In this space, Path Through the Forest is a perfect example of the highly modifiable gaming experience that empowers players and encourages the use of creativity.

To help Amy collect coins and make it through the map, users must use their imagine to place blocks that allow for access to missing paths. The premise of the game involves placing blocks on a grid in such a way that Amy is able to access the placed blocks to make it to the coins and ultimately her final destination. Although this may sound simple, the degree of difficulty steadily increases as users complete more and more levels as evidently seen through the introduction of more complex maps and blocks that have various characteristics. With 5 worlds and many levels that become challenging, hints are also readily available to give users a boost in their ability to complete the level.

Path Through the Forest Official HD Trailer

Path Through the Forest is our upcoming puzzle game for both Android and iOS. Master the powers of the Runestones to collect crystals and construct a path to the exit. A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY: Join Amy on her quest to discover what lies beyond the forest in a thought-provoking tale spanning five chapters.

One of the best features of Path Through the Forest is that players are able to generate their own unique maps and then share it with others to include backgrounds, level setup, paths, and block types. Through this, players are not simply the consumer of content, but are able to become creators for the larger community. Given this level of interaction, the game is one that is highly engaging for both players and those who have a desire to contribute content.

As there are a large number of worlds and levels that can be explored, the degree of variety and challenges that are available to the player are nearly endless. However, this poses an issue related to the repetitive nature of the interactions as users only need to place blocks and select the path that the character takes. As the engagement is more limited when compared to other games in the market, Path Through the Forest counters this by introducing a large number of assorted block types so that players are constantly challenged. For example, with blocks that disappear quickly in order to reduce the amount of time that there is to make a decision, players have a limited time in deciding what moves should be made before the block disappears and there is nothing left for the character to stand on.

One of the best features of Path Through the Forest is that players are able to generate their own unique maps

For those who are looking for a captivating puzzle game that not only allows players to consume the content that has been provided by the developers but to also participate in the content creation process, Path Through the Forest is one oft the most highly recommended games. Leveraging the creativity and imagination of the players in order to complete levels, players have a high degree of flexibility in terms of their path to complete the goals as well as create maps for others.

Path Through the Forest
Path Through the Forest
Price: $0.99+
Path Through the Forest
Path Through the Forest
Developer: Fort23 Studio
Price: Free+
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