Organizing trips with friends is easy with Prava travel app

Aug 5, 2016

Traveling with friends is fun and exhilarating, with memories often lasting for a lifetime. But it also challenging in terms of organizing and keeping everyone involved on the same page.

Often, the problem is in terms of having to juggle various apps for the trip – for chatting, planning, sharing expenses & photos, blogging and the like.

This is where Prava, a free travel app available for both iOS and Android, aims to bring a group of travelers together by allowing them to share various aspects of the trip on a common platform. The group can start discussing trip ideas, share a delightful itinerary list, record expenses along the way, share the trip photos and also make travel notes.

Designed with convenience in mind, Prava works offline, stores all the expenses and photos taken during a trip where the group probably would not have access to Internet and auto-shares them later. While a group can keep everything private to themselves forever, they can also optionally publish their trip experience where only the photos and travel notes become available to other users of the app. This way, Prava aspires to become a unique social networking app for travelers to explore published trips, get inspired and organize one with their own group.

Solo travelers can also make use of Prava to keep their travel experiences in one place, though features such as chat & expense sharing will not apply to them. But for a group of friends looking to share an itinerary for an upcoming trip, or not wanting to miss out on that great photo taken by one of them during the trip, Prava will keep them happy.

Prava App – Group Travel Made Easy for Android and iOS

Get the free Prava travel app for Android and iOS – Travel with friends and family is easier & more fun now with Prava! Keep all of your group’s trip plans, details, photos, expenses and experiences in one simple, neat place.

The startup based in Bengaluru, India has been able to attract users in about 80 countries, with new trip experiences being regularly published from around the world. With travel industry becoming the world’s fastest growing sector and rapid smartphone penetration rate, Prava can help travelers keep all of their trip memories in their pockets for a lifetime.

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