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Nov 18, 2017

In a world of ever-increasing speed, it is expected that productivity is maximized for every aspect of work. From replying to emails quicker to finishing work while on the go, many tools have been developed with the specific purpose of enabling people to increase their work productivity. For those who are looking to further their ability to do more in less time, the apps listed in this article are designed to maximize productivity right from the mobile device.

Productive – Habit Tracker & Goals Reminder (iOS)

One of the best ways to maximize productivity is to be able to meet goals that are set. With tangible goals that a user can achieve, Productive is an app which achieves smaller goals that lead to the bigger ones in a manageable way. For example, if a user has a big milestone to achieve, it can be broken down into smaller ones that can be done on a daily basis. From these smaller goals, daily reminders and rewards are given if the goal is met. As an app that helps users get their work done, Productive is highly engaging when compared to other tools that are available. For example, the gamification of meeting goals involves streaks that are continued if a user is able to meet all of their daily goals otherwise the streak is broken and then users have to start over again. Beyond helping users identify and meet their work goals, the app helps to develop and break habits over a period of time through similar mechanisms, making it one of the best iOS apps for increasing productivity.

Microsoft Word (iOS, Android)

The most popular tool that is used around the world to get work done is Microsoft Word. As a multi-use text editor, it is often referred to in order to write on desktop computers. However, this tool has stretched far beyond the desktop computer to encompass a mobile app that offers many of the same tools as the desktop version. For those who are looking to take their writing work beyond laptops and computers, Microsoft Word for mobile phones enables work to be done no matter where a user is at any time. While laptops offers similar portability, they are often more inconvenient to carry around while opposite to this, many people always have their phones with them. With formats, layouts, and an input style that is indistinguishable from the original version, it is extremely intuitive to grasp while file transfers from the computer to mobile versions is seamless. Perfect for those who are interested in taking their work mobile, Microsoft Word is one of the best apps that can improve productivity.

Workflow (iOS)

To automate many of the manual processes that are done on the phone, Workflow is an app which lets users create a series of automated actions that are done in a single click. Although the process of setting up these automation tasks can seem difficult, it is made to be highly intuitive as all that is required from the user is to drag and drop various actions in a particular order for it to be made into a workflow. With the ability to interact with over 200 different apps, the potential of Workflow to streamline tasks can be significant, especially if there are many manual tasks that are done. One of the best aspects of Workflow is that the actions can be accessed from different sources such as the app itself or even from a different app to maximize accessibility. With the ability to upload workflows or see the workflows that are created by different people, a world of possibilities exist in terms of the automation processes, making it one of the best apps to enhance productivity.

Spark (iOS)

The most common form of communication, especially for work related messages, is done through email which poses many inefficiencies towards maximizing productivity. To streamline the various tasks that are associated with emails such as reading, organizing, and sending them, Spark is designed to make the process of managing email related tasks much quicker. For example, the app aggregates all of the email accounts into a single app so those users do not have to go into multiple apps and accounts to access their emails. This is perfect for those who have different emails for various purposes such as work, educational, and personal and spend a significant amount of time going through each one separately. With the ability to use quick replies as well as batch management which automatically detects the category of the email and then groups them together so that users can simply delete all of them at once or go through the ones that are important. Through the intelligent categorization of emails by Spark, the manual task of going through a large number of emails is made much quicker for all mailboxes, making it a highly recommended app for increasing productivity.

Spark – probably the best email app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Beautiful and Intelligent Email App. Email has taken too much time from people. Spark brings it back for all those who live by their inbox. Quickly see what’s important and clean up the rest. This is probably the best email app for Mac, iPhone and iPad if you get a lot of emails.

Duet Display (iOS)

Across many organizations, it is very typical to be given multiple monitors to work as a result of the increased productivity. For those who are looking to access multiple monitors without having to spend a significant amount of money on a dedicated screen or be restricted to desktop based solutions, Duet Display allows users to user their iPhone or iPad as a second monitor to their laptop or computer. With the app, all that is required to mirror or extend the display of the main monitor is a connection either via cord or internet. From there, a second monitor can be accessed at no additional cost or lag, making it a suitable alternative to dedicated screens. Given the benefits that are associated with multiple screens with regards to productivity, Duet Display is a highly recommended tool that is low cost relative to the purchase a dedicated screen.

As more tools are developed to help users become more efficient in a smaller amount of time or at a lower cost, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a tremendous amount of value in terms of achieving these goals. From managing tasks to automating manual processes, these apps can help maximize productivity like never before.

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