Now That’s Using Your Nodle! – Interview with Micha Benoliel & Garrett Kinsman

Oct 2, 2018

Micha Benoliel and Garrett Kinsman are looking to shake up how you connect with their new project We sat down with them to hear about this ambitious new venture.

Appolicious: For those unfamiliar, can you describe what is?

Micha Benoliel:We make bluetooth available everywhere for devices. Nodle is a connectivity solution for the Internet of Things. Our network is created by crowdsourcing connectivity using millions of smartphones. The core of our technology is our proof of connectivity algorithm, which enables app developers to contribute to the Nodle Network by embedding software into their apps. This in turn enables app developers to earn Cryptocurrency called NODL Coins. Nodle helps app makers monetize without impacting the user experience (like showing ads) or impacting privacy (selling personal data).

Appolicious: How did Nodle’s innovative approach to networking first come about? What was that inspiring moment?

MB: I built technologies of peer-to-peer mobile mesh networking with the previous company I founded, called Open Garden.

Garrett Kinsman: I worked with Micha at Open Garden, founded OLA play in India that deployed the largest connected car infrastructure.

Noodle Coins App

We’re creating a new era of connectivity, where anyone can become part of the citizen network. Noodle! uses low power connectivity to help people find lost items, connect bicycles, and gather data from air pollution sensors. By helping move this data, people earn Noodle Coins, which represent bits of anonymized environmental data.

MB: We both realized the immense value in a 100% software infrastructure and the opportunity to leverage smartphones to deploy. As we brainstormed the idea, many hardware manufacturers expressed the need for a decentralized Bluetooth network for their devices. It’s been our vision to radically innovate how people and devices connect to the internet. Nodle is the first step in creating a new kind of global data network.

Appolicious: What advantages does Nodle have over the competition?

MB: Primarily, Nodle uses millions of existing smartphones to build our network. This network can then connect to billions of IoT devices that already have Bluetooth. Other connectivity technologies like 4G or 5G cost billions of dollars to deploy infrastructure. Nodle is ready to go. In addition, Nodle uses Bluetooth, which is one of the lowest cost wireless chipsets out their. Cheap chips, and low power consumption can save IoT manufacturers millions of dollars.

GK: We’re also a global network, with a presence in over 50 countries. You don’t have to negotiate roaming charges, or use sim cards, it just works. That’s how we believe the internet should be: Free, simple, and global.

Appolicious: Most network systems require some sort of physical connection or hardware, but not Nodle. Could you elaborate on how Nodle keeps itself “100% software’?

GK: We leverage the Billions of existing Bluetooth chip sets out in the wild to build internet. For now we rely on what we call the smartphone infrastructure, but we can support other protocols like Wi-Fi.  Tomorrow, Nodle can be leveraging cars, electric scooters or drones.
MB: Our network is built by smartphones just with a software update, using Bluetooth to connect to other IoT devices. Any device with Bluetooth can now communicate with our network. We estimate that over 50% of all IoT devices have Bluetooth. To do this with any other protocol would require new hardware, and expensive cell towers.

Appolicious: Nodle is reportedly a low-power alternative to its competitors. How do you keep such key infrastructure working at a minimal power cost?

MB: We use Bluetooth Low Energy that is consuming very little power compared to other wireless interfaces like cellular, Sigfox or LoRa. Bluetooth has had years of advancements in power savings and was designed specifically for low power devices. No one ever thought everyone would be running around with a Bluetooth base station in their pocket. Even if we can get a small percentage of these base stations, or smartphones, running Nodle software, we will see global network coverage. We can do this all without impacting the user experience of the smartphone user.

Appolicious: What does Nodle offer regarding app monetization?

MB: Since Google discovered they could make money from ads, no one has found a new way to monetize the internet. We believe Nodle can change this paradigm. Nodle provides app developers with a new way of monetizing their apps which does not impact user privacy or user experience. We do this by creating a proof of connectivity, where each smartphone becomes part of a Global IoT Network. App developers are able to earn NODL Cryptocurrency, while users are able to experience free apps without having to rely on ad monetization.

Appolicious: Will Nodle be a proprietary software or open source?

MB: Nodle will open source its code as it grows. The communication protocol uses the standard Bluetooth low energy specifications.

App Developers Earn Revenue For IoT Connectivity | Introducing Nodle

Now app developers can earn revenue in exchange for IoT connectivity without impacting user experience or privacy. SIGN UP HERE: Nodle is an IoT and connectivity network provider. We’re building a global bluetooth network to make internet available everywhere for IoT devices. The network is 100% software so no need for new, expensive antenna.

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