Navigating the pleasantly challenging Pumpkin Path

Aug 23, 2016

In spite of the endless games that provide mindless sprints of entertainment on the App Store, there is an evident scarcity in mobile games that are able to create a natural balance with intellectual and recreational value. Shifting away from the polarization of gaming that is based on either intellectual tasks or idle gameplay, puzzle games have risen to stimulate both the creative and logical sides of the brain.

One app that has smoothly integrated this notion has been Pumpkin Path, a challenging turn-style game that houses strategy, logic, and reasoning to outsmart the enemy. Perfect for both casual and more intense gamers, the game hosts a variety of unique features and dynamics that make it fun for all players.
Using 3D graphics, the game centers around a pumpkin farm where the protagonist Pi, a bird, is attempting to collect pumpkins while avoiding Fawkes. Elegantly designed with interesting animations, players must strategically manoeuvre the paths to evade Fawkes with every turn despite paths only being available for one use by either party. As the round progresses, fewer and fewer paths are available to be navigated until either Pi or Fawkes is completely isolated, making it progressively more difficult with every turn.

This style of gameplay particularly resonates with those who are seeking an intellectually stimulating pastime. While Pumpkin Path can be initially daunting to start playing, it offers many levels that begin with basic fundamentals and then increases in complexity as the player completes more and more levels. To give Pi an advantage, powers are available that serve a variety of functions to help players complete each round including distracting Fawkes, making Pi invisible, and even transporting players to anywhere on the map to gain a massive advantage.

Pumpkin Path

Pumpkin Path, a game of cunning and skill. Get it on Google Play Apple App Store Definitely not for bird brains. Improve your mental agility whilst playing 60 levels of fiendishly difficult maps. Snatch the large pumpkins whilst avoiding “Fawkes” the local pumpkin farmer.

Despite being a puzzle game, Pumpkin Path is deliberately made high suitable for all demographics with 3 levels of difficulty including Bird Brain, Almost Human, and Brain Box. Although bold in title, the various difficulties are meant to serve as a stepping stone to lead players to the more challenging levels as a means of reducing game confusion. Bolstering 60 levels and over 15 hours of gameplay, the game provides an endless source of entertainment and significantly more value compared to rival games. Pumpkin Path further encourages competitive gameplay with the ability to compare scores among peers using Facebook. Perfect for those who are looking to beat their friends and achieve the highest score, this feature invokes addictive gameplay among its players.

While slightly more difficult to grasp when compared to other available games, Pumpkin Path attempts to make the learning experience friendlier by creating a tutorial as a way to onboard future players. The comprehensive video tutorial engages the various aspects of the game to ensure familiarity as a mechanism to democratize the playing experience. Optimized for both the iPhone and iPad usage, the game is available on the App Store with no in-app purchases. Pumpkin Path is a highly enjoyable pastime for those looking to engage in intellectually stimulating amusement for free.

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