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Feb 28, 2018

Reading comics is great fun but collecting a whole series can take up a lot of space.

With comic apps you can store your entire library on your phone and take them with you everywhere you go, making it easier than ever before to read.

Below are five apps that allow you to fit your entire comic collection into the palm of your hand:

ComiXology (iOS, Android)

ComiXology is one of the most popular digital comic book sites, with access to a large choice of comics from big names such as Marvel, to the much smaller niche comics. With ComiXology’s app you can now fit all of your comics in your pocket and enjoy reading from anywhere. The app is beautifully designed, making it easy to navigate and a joy to use. The immersive reading view is a nice addition, with the comic taking up the whole of the screen, giving you the feeling of reading a paper comic and eliminates notification distractions.

ComiXology – Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga

Uploaded by comiXology on 2017-09-25.

DC All Access (iOSAndroid)

DC All Access is the official app for DC Comics, making it the perfect app of choice for DC fans, as you will have instant access to the most up to date comics as soon as they come out. The apps offers a sleek and easy to use reading experience but where this app really shines is the myriad of extra features that DC fans will love. Daily news, allows users to never miss the latest DC news about not just their comics but also movies and games. Other great features include: polls, quizzes, emoji and stickers.

DC All Access App Launches Today!

DC All Access has gone mobile! Starting today, you can download the new, completely free DC All Access app and get treated to exclusive videos and sneak peeks, comic book previews, polls and quizzes, a DC-themed emoji keyboard and much, much more.

Marvel Comics (iOS, Android)

Marvel Comics brings all of your favourite heroes together in one app, including Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor. The app offers a discover section which is a great feature when you’re not quite sure what you want to read next and makes it easier than ever to discover new comics. The ‘My Books’ section of the app allows you to choose from a number of different ways to view your comics and shows you the number of unread books within each collection. The reading experience offers the ability to view comics in full-screen mode and to easily zoom in, so you can see those smaller details.

ComiCat (Android)

ComiCat is a comic reader that focuses on bringing all of your comics together on one virtual bookshelf. This is a great app for anyone who finds they have their comic collection scattered over a mix of SD cards, cloud storage and device storage and they want to bring them together into one beautifully designed bookshelf. ComiCat makes the process as easy as possible, with the click of just one button the app will scan your phone, external storage, and cloud storage services and merge all of your comics into one collection. The comic bookshelf as a unique design with comics being sorted into series and sorted in their own wooden boxes, making the whole experience as close to a real collection as possible.

Astonishing Comic Reader (Android)

Astonishing Comic Reader is an aesthetically pleasing comic book reader, with a number of features that will improve not just your reading experience but also the organization of your comics. You can create your own collections, allowing you to organize your comics as you wish with just a few clicks. Annoyingly there is no integrated store within the app but it couldn’t be easier to import comic book files from services such as Dropbox. A nice little extra feature is the ability to screenshot any page from a comic and then use it as a wallpaper for your phone or tablet.

Astonishing comic reader – 3.0

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