Music History Apps

Dec 9, 2010

Do you love music? If so the best way to show it is by knowing more about it. These apps will help you learn about music history all from the comfort of your own phone.

Dictionary of Music (Oxford)

I’m not sure why I think this app is a must but when you put Oxford on something it just seems like it’s a must. This dictionary isn’t going to tell you about the Beatles but it will tell you about musical terms and other bits of information you might want to know. A must for the classical music aficionado.


A Day In Music History

Maybe a dictionary seems overwhelming. What better way to learn than to break it up by day. Learn a bit each day about music. Of course this app isn’t going to make you into a musical genius but it will make you a pop music dictionary as most of the information in the app is very much rock and pop focused.



Maybe you’d like to learn more about Hip Hop instead of classical or rock. This is the app for you and even includes “ghetto slang” so you know what the artist might be talking about.


Music History

A bit of everything for everyone. Want to learn about classical? It’s in here and you won’t be left back 200 years ago. This app comes right up to the present with it’s music history knowledge. Perhaps a great place to start for those who want a broad overview of music history.


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