Milk Factory – No Lactose-Idle Intolerance Allowed

Oct 1, 2019

Milk Factory allows you to live out your life’s dream and become a dairy farmer, only a lot faster and lot more idly.

Milk Factory is an idler game focused around the harvesting of milk from cows. An admittedly curious premise, but like all other idle games out there, it doesn’t matter – what matters is how it rewards you. A good idler game comes with funny effects, cute animations and a profound, yet a somewhat troubling sense of satisfaction seeing your progress continue and your money total go up. Milk Factory manages this in spades, with ultimate control of your progress falling to a group of adorable, happy to please cows with a variety of different costumes and silly effects.

[sc name=”quote” text=”Milk Factory is a pretty decent idle game, all told.”]

Your cows get milked, a conveyor picks up the milk and trucks take it to be sold. Pretty simple, but like all idlers, it’s the rate of upgrades that determines your play style. You need to balance both the timing and the cost of upgrading either your cows, your trucks or your conveyors. Each price increases every purchase, but so does the speed of that particular feature, as well as an additional effect to increases its value; for example, cow upgrades will eventually mean more milking pumps, but only up to a maximum of three per “tier” of cows.

The primary problem with this is that the upgrades themselves are hidden, meaning it is impossible to know which ones you should focus on. For example, the actual truck speed one actually increases the price of milk by 5 times its price, making it by the most valuable pickup, but it doesn’t tell you that until you’ve already sunk far too much money onto other upgrades.

This frustrating element of obfuscation makes the entire experience particularly frustrating, but you are usually too intent on getting as much profit as possible to really notice. Milk Factory is an idle game with a very decent gripping point, allowing you to feel involved, yet still idle enough to do other things while you make progress and get that sweet, sweet cash.

[sc name=”quote” text=”It’s fun and inventive, with decent progression towards the ultimate, blissful state of total milk control of the entire world.”]

There is a rather large amount of ads that give you bonuses when compared to other idle games. You can watch ads to increase your monetary gain, increase time efficiency and other upgrades, but you also get ads randomly throughout the game. It doesn’t really feel like you get a lot of control when your idle experience is interrupted, but at least you’re likely to have your phone out of site, silently getting more money while idling. Milk Factory is a pretty decent idle game, all told; it’s fun and inventive, with decent progression towards the ultimate, blissful state of total milk control of the entire world. It’s definitely a good one.

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Milk Factory - Milk Maker Game
Milk Factory - Milk Maker Game


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