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Mar 26, 2018
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One of the most inconvenient and frustrating aspects about mobile phones is when the reception is weak and connectivity becomes an issue. With this, calls can be dropped, there can be limited access to the internet, and the quality of calls can be very poor. As a result, different tools and apps have been created to ensure that reception is at the highest quality possible which this article explores.


It is commonly known that being indoors is often limiting in terms of reception, especially at the lower levels of a building or even underground. Therefore, if users are experiencing weaker reception while they are indoors or underground, going outside or near a window can serve to significantly improve the cell phone reception.

Reception Booster

A lesser known enhancement that can be made to boost mobile reception is to purchase a cell phone signal booster. With these devices, the box takes the weaker signals and amplifies them wherever the user is so that the signal is always strong. Through a WeBoost signal booster, users can experience greater reception even if they are in an area where reception is typically weaker. As this works with many major carriers, this tool is one that is highly applicable for many phone users and can even be used in the car or on-the-go. Boosting the signal by up to 32x the current signal strength, WeBoost is a great device but can be expensive when compared to the other solutions listed in this article as it can range from $300-$750 depending on the reception strength that users want to get.

Using WiFi as an Alternative

Instead of relying on the cell phone reception to make calls, WiFi can be used as a substitute to send texts and even make calls for no additional cost. For example, apps such as TextPlus (Android/iOS) uses the WiFi signal to send and receive calls as well as texts so that users do not have to rely on just the phone signal to communicate. Although this method cannot be used all of the time, especially when there is no WiFi signal available, it can be used when there is a strong internet connection but weaker reception.

For newer phones, there also exists an option to make calls with WiFi without the use of an app. For Android devices, this can be found in the quick menu drawer which uses the connected WiFi signal to make a call instead of the cell phone reception. However, for those with limited WiFi data, this should be used carefully as it can consume the data plan of the source that it is connected to.

4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test (iOS/Android)

A mobile app that can be used to significantly increase the cell phone reception is 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test which provides a map of all of the cell phone towers and where users can go to increase their signal strength. Furthermore, users are able to find the speed of their connection as well as alternative networks that are nearby. With all of this information, those who often experience weaker reception are able to use the app to get data that allows them to get better coverage.

Rebooting the Connection

Often times, users may be connected to a cell phone tower that is not the one that is closest to them as this does not require the device to switch between different towers. In order to “restart” this and ensure that the phone is connected to the closest tower that offers the best connection, users simply need to put their phone on airplane mode and then turn it off again. By doing this, the connection is essentially restarted and users can find the best tower to connect to without any additional hardware or apps.

Switching Carriers

As a last resort, users may wish to switch their carrier to one that provides greater coverage for their particular area. While some carriers may offer cheaper plans, their signal strength and coverage range may not be as wide as other carriers who are more expensive but provide greater signals. With this, switching to a carrier that has higher quality tower reception may be a last resort that users take if the other methods listed in this article do not work. Although this solution most likely takes the most work, it can be well worth it if the alternative carrier is able to provide a stronger signal to the area which the user is in.

With the methods and tools outlined in this article, users are able to get the best quality possible for their mobile phone reception. From strategic positions to apps that are able to locate cellphone towers, the combination of these methods are able to ensure that connectivity never becomes an issue again.

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