Meltdown and Spectre: The Latest Vulnerabilities on iOS

Jan 7, 2018

Although Apple has recently faced criticism in the media for purposefully slowing down their devices, the latest issue that has been affecting nearly all devices, including all iOS devices, are the Meltdown and Spectre bugs. These bugs have been known to leave devices open to hacks that let cyber criminals gain access to sensitive information from the computers, phones, and even the cloud.

While Apple has acknowledged that these vulnerabilities do exist, they claim that no exploits have been detected which is the actual software that would be accessing the information. As the company continues to develop patches to fix these vulnerabilities, rumors have begun which claim that the patches will further slow down the device. However, according to the tests done by Apple, there is no known significant slowdown as a result of the patches although this has been debated by those in the security field. A tip that Apple has issued regarding the bugs is to only download trusted apps through authorized software such as the App Store and not from unauthorized providers.

Although Apple is not the only company that is affected by these vulnerabilities, it was one of the last to admit that the security flaw exists. While other mobile devices such as Microsoft and Android phones are also exposed to Meltdown and Spectre, they have already pushed numerous updates and patches for their phones. With this, Google claims that their latest software is protected whereas Microsoft has recently updated their software to address the Meltdown vulnerability. In the wake of all of these issues pertaining to the field of cyber security, it is highly recommended that readers also check out this article in order to get the best understanding of the types of data that can be accessed from the mobile phone and ways in which to protect it.

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