Making Your Smartphone Smarter with these Wearable Technologies

Mar 10, 2018

One of the fastest growing trends in the mobile space has been for wearable technologies that are able to integrate with apps and phones. As an extension to the features that are offered through the phone, wearable technologies can provide data that is not otherwise trackable with traditional apps. With the recent release of so many different tools, this article discusses the best wearable technologies that can be coupled with the phone to provide powerful analytics.


As one of the most popular wearable technologies to keep track of fitness and health performance, Fitbit devices come in a range of prices that primarily track the number of steps that a user has taken. Through the app, users can keep track of the number of steps they have taken, if they have reached their goals, and other health indicators such as heart rate and sleep patterns. In being able to track all of these indicators, users of Fitbit can get a comprehensive view of their overall health as well as set effective goals for themselves. Although there are other tools available that also tracks health and number of steps, what makes Fitbit an extremely popular technology is the social integrations that are made with the app. For example, users are able to see how many steps their friends have taken and then take challenges to overtake them which can serve as a significant motivator. Through all of these features, Fitbit is one of the best wearable technologies that can be integrated with the phone.

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Smart Watches

Smart watches such as the iWatch and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier have become extremely popular as a result of the ability to further interact with the phone as well as provide a customized experience. Through the watches, users are able to control their music, take pictures, look at images, control their phone, and even answer/reject calls. Although expensive relative to other wearable technologies, the smart watches are a more fashionable extension to the smartphone that can be customized in terms of straps and watch face. Although the watches are comparable in many features, the biggest differentiate between the two is in the shape of the screen as iWatches are more square while the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a more round face. While one is not better than the other, the decision to choose one of the two relies on what phone the user already has and their personal preferences.

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

While the hype for Google Glasses has died down as a result of a less-than-spectacular launch, another company that aims to utilize glasses as an extension to their mobile app has been Snapchat with the introduction of the Spectacles. Through this, users can send snaps without having to use their phone straight from their glasses. As one of the most popular social media sites that continues to grow, Spectacles is highly recommended for those who wish to send snaps of their activity in situations where it would be inconvenient to take out of the phone. As a hand-free method to engage with the Snapchat community, Spectacles are one of the most anticipated pieces of wearable technologies to be released in the near future.

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NFC Rings

A piece of wearable technology that is not familiar with many people is NFC rings which are low in physical profile but can offer a significant amount of functionality. With the NFC ring, users can unlock their phone as well as other NFC enabled technology such as doors or even transfer data. Built into the ring, there are two transmitters, one which is designed for public data and the other one for private data. With no batteries or the need to charge the ring coupled with a low profile, it can be worn all of the time for everyday tasks by touching the ring against NFC devices. Through the mobile phone for example, users are able to tap their ring against it in order to unlock it. Furthermore, with certain sites, users can automatically log in as it is able to share passwords and other metadata as well. One of the best features of the ring is that users can launch apps with customized settings which makes it extremely easy to personalize app experiences quickly. Although not as common as other wearable technologies, the NFC Ring is a great way to make everyday tasks easier with low profile hardware.


For those who are looking to more accurately monitor their physical training beyond basic metrics such as number of steps, Athos apparel is designed to accurately track the data of the body and motion. Through this, users are able to interpret their activities and take actionable steps as movement is recorded and analyzed through the app to get a better understanding of what could be improved. With Athos, users utilize clothing with built-in sEMG sensors and then a Core device which attaches onto the clothes. Through this, the data that is tracked and monitored is sent to the app where it is analyzed and users can see their information like never before. As a highly comprehensive tool to track physical fitness and performance, Athos is a recommended wearable technology to utilize for serious athletes.

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As wearable technologies continue to grow more popular, they will become more powerful and better integrated with the phone. From those that are able to track health performance to others which are designed to control the phone, the ones listed in this article can provide a comprehensive overview of the best pieces of wearable technologies that are currently available in the market.

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