Look, Your Loot – Rats Hunting For Treasure

Aug 6, 2018

Look, Your Loot is an addictive small card game reminiscent of Card Thief that keeps you playing for hours.

Look, Your Loot has you choose your class of rat character, then be plunged into a terrifying dungeon and be forced to fight your way through until you die.

The game is played by moving your character’s card horizontally or vertically along a 3 by 3 axis of cards. Enemies, treasure and helpful pickups are randomly generated, forcing you to pick the correct path towards victory.


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Combat is a simple addition and subtraction of your health and the enemy’s; if you have 10 health and they have 6, you’ll kill them, but drop down to 4 health.

This makes Look, Your Loot a game of constantly performing small additions and subtractions to your health, planning the correct path through the game around the monsters and towards pickups and gold. There are shields dotted throughout the game that lend you up to 10 armor, allowing you to avoid bloodying yourself on enemies too much.

Every time you defeat a boss character, you level up, gain an extra health point and also gain or upgrade a skill. Thus, it’s especially important to not avoid fighting bosses, as they help you survive longer in the game.[sc name=”quote” text=”Thus, it’s especially important to not avoid fighting bosses, as they help you survive longer in the game.”]

Alongside that, as you progress further, bosses begin affecting the playing field around it – one of the earlier bosses, jack, slowly turns cards touching him into 1 health Pumpkins, meaning you lose the benefit of the card that was beneath it.

The collectible gold is added to your total, which is used to purchase new heroes to play with. These new heroes gradually get more powerful and possess unique abilities.

Each different character has their own strengths and weaknesses, usually based around their health points or special skills. For example, the starting class is the Knight, which begins with 10 hit points and gains special bonuses from shields.

Look, Your Loot is very similar in design and gameplay to another popular game of this genre, Card Thief. They both use essentially the same mechanics of card combat and level progression, with a few key differences with regard to replayability.

In Card Thief, your focus is on getting through the incredibly difficult, long levels to progress through the game. The reward of victory is progression.[sc name=”quote” text=”The reward of victory is progression.”]

However, in Look, Your Loot, your reward is actual gold that can be spent on more characters, enabling you to continue the game near indefinitely so as to try out new characters.

Though Look, Your Loot is very similar to Card Thief, the inclusion of a purchase system for alternate characters makes the player constantly striving to unlock more gold, all to make sure they can access the new cool characters with different abilities.

Why Look, Your Loot is about dressed up rats is not particularly clear, nor is the reason why these rats are battling monsters deep in a dungeon, but Look, Your Loot keeps the player interested through its decent level design, fun gameplay and the ever present desire to get those sweet new characters.

Our Rating

Fun gameplay and addictive replayability. Interesting characters with new skills to unlock.The level design can begin to feel repetitive.
Look, Your Loot!
Look, Your Loot!
Price: Free+
Look, Your Loot! - A card crawler
Look, Your Loot! - A card crawler

Look, your loot! – Mr. Mage gameplay

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dragosha.hamster

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