Little Pearls, a new family-oriented app directed to doting parents and relatives

Nov 21, 2016

How many times those of us who have kids have actually cursed themselves internally for having neglected to record a wonderfully funny or surreal comment or outing by their beloved little ones? Sometimes we are so busy worrying about work, money and the ‘serious’ things in life that we don’t pay attention enough to those endearing, beautiful and incredibly precious moments which will never repeat themselves: once they are gone they are gone, and once the child is grown, there’s no turning back to that sweet innocence of the early days and to that naive and incredibly lovely way of interpreting the world.

This is precisely why this new app, aptly named Little Pearls, was developed: its aim is that of helping and assisting parents and relatives in ‘storing’ the best sayings, sentences and memorable outings uttered by their kids so as to preserve them forever for posterity. By providing the customer with a user-friendly storage system, the app provides a private album in which to record each and every sentence by title, keyword, author and date, with the bonus of allowing an audio recording to be added for each ‘pearl’ (provided the child is patient enough to repeat the sentence itself for the sake of celebrity). In addition to this, Little Pearls allows users to easily access their favorite social network so as to share their children’s utterings with the whole world or just with their loved ones – or, should this be the preferred option, to export chosen pearls by converting them into PDF files to be shared via e-mail or even printed out.

That developed through Little Pearls is an apparently simple but very fascinating and endearing idea that many parents are definitely bound to enjoy, especially as it allows a private and often overlooked feature of family life the full recognition that our digital age can bestow upon it: in other words, it directly brings to our digitalized lifestyles all the flavor and fascination of the funniest aspects of life with kids – something that has always been with us and that we now have the chance to record and carry around all the time on our smartphones or tablets. Little Pearls is available for iOS devices.

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